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  1. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    Just come back from an hour long drive on Bluetooth. No drop outs at all following the update. Bliss!
  2. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    Updated - it does take about 20 mins I reckon. Works beautifully! As far as I can see it does the following: Bluetooth - track display, shuffle, more info. control from steering wheel USB - plays just through USB - you don't need to plug the audio jack in any more. doesn't cut to bluetooth when you switch ignition off and on again. So far Im totally satisfied - I will try an audio book tomorrow on the way to work to see if it lasts a full chapter without cutting out. I have high hopes. Happy days! Iphone 4S Titanium Sony Head unit.
  3. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    I am sitting in my car updating as we speak. I'll let you know how it goes in about 20 mins. 10 plate titanium with Sony stereo.
  4. Problems With Bluetooth Audio

    Very interesting indeed! Could I ask which head unit you've got in the car and which model/ year car? Ive got the 4s now and am still getting the errors mentioned in this thread. i think ill give the Garage a call.
  5. Pairing Iphone 4 With Bluetooth

    Im on the GM release myself. I noticed that the Beta 1 of IOS5 did display track data over bluetooth, but from Beta 2 onwards it never has and I get the BT error warning every so often. Did anyone else experience this?
  6. Iphone 4

    I like to see what Im listening to on the display is all :)
  7. Iphone 4

    I wouldnt quite say perfect. If you have bluetooth enabled, and plug the phone in via the Aux as well the music will cut out if you use aux, as bluetooth on the Iphone 4 automatically starts streaming music via bluetooth whether you like it or not. Ive explained how to get round in in the sticky at the top of the forum. Its not too bad though, and the bluetooth phone and music works brilliantly, as does bluetooth streaming (you can skip tracks backwards and forwards with the latest firmware). Its just when you combine bluetooth and the aux cable that things get a little disappointing.
  8. There are a few options: 1) You can jailbreak your ipod and download a cydia app that lets you disable streaming over bluetooth 2) You can disable Bluetooth completely on the ipod/phone 3) You can, when the music stops playing - disconnect the usb lead and plug it back in again - this should disable the Bluetooth streaming and start the Ipod Aux streaming 4) When the ipod/ phone stops playing, you can press the control on the bottom of the touch/ phone screen where it says 'ford audio', and from there it gives you the option of choosing between the bluetooth and the dock connector None of them are perfect, and you'll have to do this everytime you plug your ipod/ phone in. I tend to use option 4.
  9. Wheel Squeak

    Hi No - not yet anyway. I keep thinking its going to return because im not usually this lucky but so far its been completely squeak free.
  10. Wheel Squeak

    Yes - so did I, its very annoying and very embaressing when travelling through town :)
  11. Wheel Squeak

    I had the same problem on mine. I think it was the pads slightly binding with the disk. I swift emergency stop (ie from about 15mph) sorted it.