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  1. Petrol

    and the greed on petrol is mostly of the government with there massive tax on fuel!!!
  2. Petrol

    lpg will go up like everything else!! any way they can get extra money out of the consumer!! it all comes down to greed!!!
  3. Petrol

    a nice idea but people in england seem to just go with it! rather than make a stand!
  4. I Pod

    aux in adaptor from halfords or if youve already got a aux jack (normally in glove box) then just a 3.5mm jack plug again normally from halfords
  5. Favourite driving song?

    hmmm a tough one all depends on what mood im in but normally something dance or garage especially if im driving back from work and off out that night ;)
  6. Lets Get Free Ms Points!

    does this really work!?
  7. Current favourite game.

    on the ps3 im playing alot of borderlands at the min the game is endless with so many different weapons! its pretty addictive
  8. Current favourite game.

    on the 360! id have to say red dead redemption
  9. PS3 or Xbox?

    i have both but would prob say the 360 is my favorite
  10. Xbox 360

    Red Dead Redemption is the one for me at the moment its great!! a must play for all 360 fans!
  11. Joke Fthread

    When i left home my mum said "dont forget to write!" i thought "that's unlikely!" i mean it is a fairly basic skill isnt it!
  12. Joke Fthread

    Marriage is like the witness protection programme. you get new clothes you live in the suburbs and youre not allowed to see your friends anymore!
  13. Joke Fthread

    i organised a threesome last night!........ there were a couple of no shows but i still had a good time :)
  14. Joke Fthread

    haha! i like!
  15. Word Association Game