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  1. Fcus ST3 problem

    Ok thanks man. I'll note them down and get dad to see if he can check em over the weekend. :D I'll let you know if we find out what it is! Thanks again. Just thought i'd show you him with his pride and joy - 8500 miles since new in January 2005 and it still looks like it's from the showroom :D
  2. Fcus ST3 problem

    Hi. Just signed up. Can anyone help me? Dad's ST makes a weird grinding/rubbing noise under the front at the wheels when turned in both directions. The car is standard so no lowering problems or anything. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be or if this problem has occured on any others? Dad says it's defo not arches, they clean and in tact. The noise only happens when moving and turning, not only full lock, any sort of turning angle and it's a tinny sort of noise he says Dad thinks the brakes have like a tin sort of material thing behind them. Anyone who knows more about the layout of the brakes on these or what to look for would be appreciated so we don't have to go to ford! Thanks