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  1. Hi @Bannko could you pm me the details pretty please ta very much. Cheers, Paul.
  2. Hi. Recently got myself a Focus 3.5 and looking at a few things I want to do. The car has the sync 2, 8" screen but did not come with sat nav, have seen the other post ref. retrofit for sat nav so will ask @Bannko if he could, pretty please, pm me the details. Other thing I want to look at is the electric Windows, they are front only which I don't mind. What does bug me is the one touch open only on the drivers side. Can open AND CLOSE be fitted? I would assume change of window switches but would it have to be activated as well? Also want to fit auto dimming rear view mirror but that's for another time. Cheers, Paul.
  3. beefy505

    Question For The Ice Guru's

    Thanks for the replies, had a search on google and came up with these reviews on amazon. The third one down is from a guy who fitted the same model as mine to his Alfa and says ; "I installed a window DAB aerial which draws power from behind the head unit" So it looks like there is a power point on the back of the unit. Cheers Paul.
  4. I have a 2010c Focus (Mk 2.5) and I am changing the factory fit Sony DAB to an aftermarket Pioneer with DAB. Whilst picking up a aerial adaptor from Halfords the shop guy told me that the DAB won't work on the Pioneer as it needs a separate power supply and a separate aerial for the DAB to work, he said the factory fit don't need this as they are powered from the radio. Is this true, do I need a separate power supply AND aerial for the Pioneer?? Cheers Paul.
  5. beefy505

    Change Of Dab

    Think I'll be making a trip to halfrauds then, had a look on-line and couldn't figure out which one I needed too many to choose from!!
  6. beefy505

    Change Of Dab

    Have a Sony DAB radio in my 2010 Focus (2.5) but it didn't have Bluetooth so rather than get the bits I decided to change radio to a Pioneer AVH-X3500DAB. I have the fitting kit (not all I don't think?!), stalk adapter, Pioneer patch lead etc. My question is: Do I need an adapter for the aerial or will the Ford fit the Pioneer?? Paul.
  7. beefy505

    Front Fog Lights With Intigrated Drl's

    Seen a few new Fiat 500's with the split DRL / Fog light. Wasn't to sure on the price for a set of replacement lights so may give it a miss but it's out there so someone may give it a go. :)
  8. Hello all, new to the Focus brigade as I've just come across from the Fiesta page, had a mk7 Econetic and now have Focus CC. Posted this on the CC owners page but thought you might like as well... And hello to any CC owners who lurk on here as well :) This is a direct copy of my other post. Saw these and me likey a lot :) not sure on the price though, been awhile since I bought new lights so don't know if this is a good price or not?!
  9. beefy505

    Focus Hesition/misfire On Motorway

    Had the 06 Focus 1.6 Petrol, had the same hesitation / missfire @ 60 mph, turned out to be the coil pack. Used to blow the near side headlight all the time as well. Had the replacement replaced twice more "never heard of them breaking down like that sir and being replaced again!" yeah right!! Chopped it in for a Fiesta Diesel with the number of miles i do a year.
  10. beefy505

    Engine Temp

    If there's smoke billowing out of the vents and fire lapping up the screen then it might be over-heating slightly ;)
  11. 1.6 diesel Econetic, around 67 - 70 MPG, 500+ to the tank, 90mile round trip to/from work, mainly A158 with a few back roads and villages thrown in.
  12. beefy505

    Mk7 Lowering

    Mine's the Eco car and runs on the lower zs springs for better aerodynamics. At work they have not managed to clear the whole road of snow so your wheel's are in the ruts either side of this ridge of snow down the middle of the road, the front spoiler on mine makes this lovely scraping noise when i drive into work..
  13. beefy505

    Mk 7 1.6 Tdci (95Bhp) Mpg Issues, Anyone Else?

    Mine averages 69mpg had a few 70mpgs, this weeks has been a lot lower though due to the high winds we've had taking me down to low 60s. So far from a refuel this week i've struggled to get over 60 as i seem to be into a head wind going to work, and the A158 being blocked for repairs has sent me cross country on more windy/twisty roads which i don't mind for the fun factor.
  14. beefy505

    Slightly Rough Running

    On the way home from work tonight the car (mk7 Econetic) started running a bit rough i.e. seemed a bit hesitant on steady throttle, this was as i came into a 30mph and slowed down. Setting off from the lights it accelerated fine but once at 30 in 4th it just wasn't as smooth as had been, when i got home i noticed the engine fan was on and as it wasn't even a warm afternoon i thought it odd. The car ran fine at 60mph just before slowing down. A quick bit on my driving style. As it's an Econetic i try and get best mpg, i don't tear away from lights stick to 60 in a 60 zone 50 in a 50 etc. and am wondering if this is causing the prob, i tend to be light with the right foot and seem to feather i.e. on and off with little touches, maybe it needs a hard throttle now and then to blow out the cobwebs as it were?. My commute is 45miles across country at a steadyish 60mph. Also running on Morrisons deisel, it's the closest garage to me and i get £5 off my shopping with enough points ;) wondering if the fuel could be causing probs? Any thoughts??
  15. beefy505

    Exterior Chrome Bits

    Bit more exterior here..