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  1. Rear Washer Jet

    i think if u only req to get to rear jet its at top of tail gate red light is , remove assy lense jet is black unit , only pump in main tank feeds both front & rear screens , pump is located passengers side wing .
  2. hi ,i got st170 which i got 2 months ago , my fuel gauge started playing up 3 days ago , reading empty & orange light on then it would read full , correct level but its only reading full all time . put dash display through test mode gauge sweep ok dtc up 9202 , but car had new pump assy fitted 4 wks ago , does these fuel pump assy have the fuel level sender built into it .
  3. Blue Smoke On Startup And Idle, Clears After Driving

    blue smoke signs of oil getting burnt , sounds like u may have u valve guide seals going hard, leaking oil into cyls when car been stopped .you injectors try looking local diesel specialist they can cause all sorts faults
  4. Exhaust Cats Us & Rusty Sumps

    hi lads , has any body had to replace the std exhaust cats , just had price from ford dealer £917.00 + vat , ordered sports cat at £ 350.00 also found engine sump very rusty is this a common fault st170 or i may replace it when exh cat is off or a good clean up paint .
  5. Fuel Injection Pump Help - Desperate!!!!

    can you go to main dealer with all details they should be able to check history or diesel specailist ,pump number maybe on inside where u cant see it .
  6. Help Needed!!!

    have u tryed checking air filter condition & when was it last serviced .
  7. Headlight Removal

    hi lads , how easy is it to remove drivers side headlight assy , been told u got to remove front bumper get bolts out is this true .
  8. Looking To Buy A Focus St 170

    hi mate , just got 3wks ago 04 45k , make sure its been serviced on time ,HP check , rear brake rot on outer bends , rear calipers stick , all warning lights ok ,the engine managment its not on ( on l/h yellow with engine symbol ), good look over car with log book
  9. Engine Misfire

    cheers mate will try next wk , but just fitted k&n air filter , miltek exhaust system ,up rated ignition sytem , helped free car up .
  10. hi lads , new to site , just purchased st170 , 45k ,2004, in deep blue , when i was on way back home the engine would,nt rev past 3.5 - 4 rpm the more u put u foot down it got worse also it was raining at time and traction control system (tsc) light flashed twice . we lefted car 45mins tryed it was ok , i been tolded it could be fuel sensor on its way out , any ideas!! ps car total std .