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  1. Mk4 Fiesta Problems

    Got bored today, went and sat in the car. I found a draw underneath the passenger seat I didn't realise was there, inside was a central and remote locking/alarm control assembly :D. A quick look on the internet told me where it was meant to be, there was nothing there, just the plugs that were meant to be in it. So I plugged it in. Boot release worked straight away. So I was happy about that. Then I started the alarm test sequence by activating the bonnet open switch 8 times within 10 seconds. And went through all the possible test scenarios, which showed me that all the systems were working fine, it even recognised that it had a remote control now. So I proceeded to program the key as per the car's instruction manual and now everything works fine, remote locking, double locking, boot release. The missing door switches don't seem to be a problem, it still recognised that the doors were being opened and closed during the tests I did so there must be other door switches. Anyway, all good now, apart from the engine thing, I'll see if anyone can help on the Fiesta Zetec owners forums
  2. Mk4 Fiesta Problems

    Wasn't my choice, my parent bought it for me to learn in. I'm trying to find out what's wrong with it so it can be fixed before I buy it off them. If they won't/can't fix it, then I may as well just buy a different one and they can sell this one.
  3. Mk4 Fiesta Problems

    May get new door switches then but if there's no power going to the infra-red receiver it shouldn't make and difference anyway will it? I have now changed the fuel filter, it didn't make any difference. I've done a little research and was thinking maybe it's the MAf? If that was dirty or broken wouldn't that cause the ECU to limit revs? I wasn't aware there was a specific redline, my friend's seems perfectly happy to rev all the way to 7000ish. It is a 1996 Ghia 1.25l that I have by the way.
  4. Hello, I recently bought a Mk4 Fiesta and I've found a few problems. Firstly, the remote locking doesn't work, I checked the receiver above the rear view mirror with a multimeter and it's not getting any power. And I don't know what could be wrong with that. The previous owner seems to have cut off and removed the door switches, the ones that make the interior light go on and off, so that could be related. Also the boot release button does nothing. I've checked all the fuses and they're all fine. Is it possible that some relays are dead? Or perhaps the alarm module? Another problem is that it won't accelerate above about 5800-6000rpm. I've only tried this in 3rd but it just stops accelerating when it gets there and I know it should go higher because a friend has exactly the same car and it does. I was thinking it might be the fuel or air filter, or perhaps something to do with ignition. Thanks Matt