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  1. Hi all, Having now sold my Mondeo, I no longer have need for the wniter tyres/wheels I have for her. These are 215/65r16 Uniroyal winter tyres (with the mountain symbol) They have covered barely a couple of thousand miles and are in brilliant condition. They are mounted to genuine Ford Mk 4 Mondeo 16" steel wheels and come with genuine Ford Mk4 Mondeo 16" wheel trims. I am open to SENSIBLE offers and collection only from Derby. If you want couriering, I am happy to comply but the buyer needs to set this service up and I will only release the wheel/tyre/trims once funds have cleared (Paypal or postal-order). I will add photos once I get them out of my loft. Thank you, Harvey
  2. Load Rating

    According to the local dealer, 17" S-Max must use the 98 load, NOT 94.
  3. Rear Suspension

    Look at a motoring home forum, there are air-bag kits you can buy to fit under the springs/leafs of rear suspension to reduce sagging and stiffen them up. HTH, harvey
  4. Load Rating

    Anyone know what the correct load rating is for a 225/50r17 S-Max tyre? The size has two options, 94 (670kg) and 98 (750kg). The tyres are currently 98 on the vehicle, but I don't want to take this as being gospel. Like speed rating, tyres can be over-rated for their use. ie. My Cavalier was required H rated tyres, but the Z-rated tyres were cheaper and that is what it was supplied with, but legally I could have fitted H and not been in breach of any isnurance or manufacturers specification.
  5. Play In Steering

    When I had my Ranger (07 2.5 TDCi Thunder) I disliked the amount of play in the steering wheel, ie you could rock the wheel back and forth an inch before anything happens at the wheels. Does anybody know if the xteerign box can be tightened up or the slack removed somehow?
  6. Ford Kuga Driven

    Been for a spin in a Ford Kuga today to decide whether I should use it or a Freelander2 to replace my Mondeo (2009 Titanium-X 2.0 TDCi manual). Kuga handled tighter and was more sporty than the Freelander, felt more compact and enjoyable to use, the reverse gear is better positioned (and protected - by a collar) than the Freelander2 and the Kuga felt like it revved better, but the Freelander had more guts. However, the Freelander did feel a little sloppy handling, slack steering and porky. Performance wise the Kuga felt only slightly slower than my Mondeo, it turned slightly quicker though rolled more (a trade-off for the softer ride) and the gearstick is in the most natural position I can think of. All in all I wanted it, but the wife said "why don't you think about" which I know means 'I think not' ;-) Excellent machine, but with the nipper here and more planned I guess we'll have to go Galaxy/S-Max route next time instead! Harvey
  7. Mondeo 2.0 TDCI...

    I thought the VW 6-speed was a Getrag/Gertrag unit. From recollection, when Ford went form TDDi to TDCi they didn't do away with the timing chain for a belt. The 2.0 on Transits and Mk3 Mondeo's with the TDCi is the same engine as the TDDi (obviously bar the change in the injection system) and has a chain. Its the Mk4 Mondeo (Mk2 Focus, S-max, C-max, Kuga, Volvo, Peugeot, Citroen) that use the newer PSA derived 2.0 TDCi which uses a belt in place of a the chain. Happy New Year ;-) Harvey
  8. 2 wheel drive Kuga?

    At the risk of causing offense - for which I suggest my comments are offered for thought not provocation. I would ask what the merits of buying a 2wd Kuga are, other than liking the looks. If you need a 4x4 type vehicle then why buy one that is not 4x4. If you don't need a 4x4 then why buy a Kuga when a Focus estate will do as good a job? I say this form a background of Freelanders, a Navara, Ranger, Ranger-Rover, Discovery-2, etc. When I needed a 4x4 I bought and used one, when I didn't I used a 2wd car. No matter how good a 2wd Kuga is a Focus surely is always going to be more economical, on paper seems to offer more boot space, is cheaper to buy, run, tax and insure. I can understand Ford trying to gain a foothold in the pseudo 4x4 market with a 4x4 style vehicle which tries to hold onto the 2wd benefits. But in the rear World I just don't really see what useful purpose it would serve for the buyer. I love the looks of the Kuga and would have one tomorrow. But the wife doesn't and so she got a Focus instead. I've got a Mondeo so don't see the need to swap to another 2wd. If I went for a Kuga it would be the 4x4 version to give us some variety and security for winter use and towing, otherwise a 2wd Kuga would be pointless for me. But as I said, that's just my opinion and I am sure there are plenty of arguements for why someone would justify a 2wd Kuga to themselves ;-) Harvey
  9. Sports suspension?!??!!?

    Yes avoid in my opinion. Mk4 Mondeo handles brilliantly without it and there are more times on rough British roads you need bumps absorbing than to fly round a corner quicker.
  10. Sports suspension with 18' or 17' wheels

    Same issue here. Its tolerable, but at times just a little too stiff for my liking. the 18@ wheels are shod with 235/40 tyres. The 17" wheels have a 235/45. It will make a difference, but not huge. Some guys I have spoken too went the whole hog and dropped on 16" alloys shod with 215/55 tyres. This apparently does a good job of smoothing the ride ;-) Harvey
  11. Another "woman" question please

    At least a Ford with Ti-VCT or PFI-VCT makes sense. My wife's Astra has a Z16XE, the only logic in that is that it is a 1.6 ;-)
  12. Another "woman" question please

    What is the difference between variable cam timing and variable valve timing? Surely they are one and the same, if you vary the cam it results in a varied timing of the valves and vica-versa to effect a timing variation on the valves you need to alter the cam which actuates them. Awaiting the influx of corrections ;-)
  13. Off road tyres

    I ran BFG A/T KOs in 245/75r16 on my 07 Ranger (new shape). Ride noticeably deteriorated due to the triple side walls flexing a lot less. Run them at the standard pressures, some folk say you have to over inflate them and all sorts of crazy suggestions. I think yours are 245/70r16 as standard, BFG make an A/T KO in that size too. For more aggressive and muddy work consider the BFG M/T KM. As the other replier suggests the Cooper range are also very good, think the model I would use were something like SST or STT. I did a lot of research on this subject and found that some utility companies had fitted 265/75r16 tyres to theirs, but had problems with them rubbing. I was told that 245/75r16 is the largest sensible size without causing problems. The next size tyre was a 255/70r16, but TBH I couldn't be bothered risking it. Try having a look at some of the Government/Municipal departments for African nations as they seem to have deals with Ford to buy Rangers now. Libya for one have been using them as one of the standard Police fleet. Any mods would have been sorted out by these guys. Hope that helps, Harvey
  14. Another "woman" question please

    Effectively nothing. You wanted a Titanium with the 120PS 1.6 variable valve timing and that is what you've got. If that sounds snappy/sarcastic, I apologise as that is not how I intend it to sound. Its just that they sometimes use a fancy snappy title for an engine in the World of marketing and sales, but in the real World you get its proper name and the two do not always seem to be identical ;-) Harvey
  15. Mk7 Zetec S and wet weather

    HI guys, Love the Mk7 Fiesta and fancy one as a second car to replace my wife's Astra. I have a Mk4 Mondeo Tit-X TDCi with sport pack and chipped. It is running Conti Sport Contact2s (as did my Renault Sport Clio 172) they are a great tyre for grip and are not too noisy, though they are softish and will wear out quicker than say a Michelin or Goodyear, but they GRIP! Their does seem to be a mix of opinion, some say its great in the wet others terrible. To get the best out of it and be safe you do need to check your tyre pressures regularly and also ensure the suspension is properly aligned. When you get new rubber get the best available. No matter how good the suspension, brakes or engine, the only thing transmitting that to the road is the tyres! The only other variable then would have to be the driver! I started driving 15 years ago in a 1.2 Nova running 145/80r13 tyres, I swapped these to 165/70r13 to gain more traction as it would run wide on a island at moderate speed in the wet. But with experience/age I learnt to better judge the conditions, speed, control my throttle and braking etc. and then with more modern cars the tyres are so grippy and wide that I never have a problem anymore ;-) My Clio only had 195 tyres (think they were 195/45r16s) but it had tenacious grip and handled appalling weather with ease (though not snow/ice). I honestly doubt that Ford will have produced a duffer with the Mk7 as they have too much riding on it. If you feel it is worse than the older Fiesta's you need to understand that up to and including the Mk6 they used hydraulic power steering, which Ford were masters at making work very well. Where as the Mk7 now uses an electronic power steering system developed by TRW. EPS is notorious for not providing the same feedback as hydraulic systems. Harvey