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  1. Ford Focus 1.8 Td 2002

    Just wondering how much of a pain to do water pump on a focus 1.8 diesel. I am OK doing stuff on cars just want to know the easiest way round things Many thanks Simon
  2. Mondeo Aerial

    the aerial is snapped on the screw thread inside the base
  3. Mondeo Aerial

    Hi my aerial has snapped off. How easy is it to change the whole lot? Thanks in advance Simon
  4. Hi I have just come across a 2l duratorq 51 plate with a slow turbo. I have removed the turbo and cleaned everything. The turbine moves smoothly and does not wobble. I have changed the engine oil to aid the turbo. It does not really kick in. If you come across a hill it lacks power. What next?????????? Thanks in advance Simon
  5. Hi everyone!! I have just come across a duratorq 2l diesel 51 plate mondeo with a water leak. It looks as if it is dripping from underneath power steering pump. Am I right in thinking that the water pump or thermostat share the same housing as the power steering pump? If so would a seal have gone in between the two? Or is it more likely that the housing itself would have cracked? Any answers will be greatly appreciated Cheers Simon
  6. Ford Fiesta Running On 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    genuine from ford
  7. Good evening everyone. I broke down today and green flag said cause was coil pack. So I got one and still same problem, so I got another and still missfiring. So pulled leads off and 1 and 4 still no spark FROM coil pack. Are there relays that control each half of the coil pack? The car is a fiesta zetec 1.25. I must stress that there is no spark from coil pack on 1 and 4!! Any ideas?? Cheers simon