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  1. I give up with this. Can't be bothered spent 600 since I got the damn car. Is there a for sale section on here want 1000 quid for it. Just that smoking problem. South London. Sutton
  2. took it to my local garage, run a code reaqder came back with fuel delivery problem, said it could be (note COULD BE ) a fuel pump issue, around £1000 fitted !!! WTF
  3. I am certain its something to do with fuel being pumped in
  4. garbage456

    Mondeo Mk 3 New Key Fobs

    if you only want a fob to open doors/boot then ebay do them for £10 to £12 then program your fob by turning you key to ignition point ii, 3 times. press both fobs to program your fob. a quick google search will show what i said above for programming your key
  5. been to garage said he cant do it, prefer a diesel specialist he said. thinks its something to with the fuel pump or surrounding areas, also there is a pump in the back of the car to do with fuel as well. not used car for a week. used today, fine for 1st 5 minutes, then every minute after that its getting worse, just got outside my house and its konked out after 10 minutes of driving, waited half an hour later it wont start. any ideas?
  6. been fine for 2 days then started again grrrr
  7. its £14.90 in halfords.
  8. I have put in some diesel system cleaner didn't work. Put in d tox and seems to of cleared it up. Thank goodness
  9. just to clarify it only happens after about 5 minutes of driving, and it gets worse the longer the journey goes along
  10. radio/entertainment used to have fuses bulit into the back of them, not sure if the newer radios have that though
  11. think its tddi (will change if wrong) i havent fitted a blanking plate, what is the plate for, and why did ford forget it? smoke is white
  12. as i say fine for the 1st 5 minutes of driving then when i put foot down it just coughs and i get smoke out of the exhaust, the higher gear i put it the better as i guess i am not putting down as much on accelerator.
  13. garbage456

    Sos Help Needed Pls!

    Other way is make a small gap. Try getting some really gripping gloves and push windows down and see if u can get it down all the way or if not get a long piece of wire like a coat hanger and press boot release button or hook on door handle.
  14. garbage456

    Sos Help Needed Pls!

    If its deadlocked u won't get the doors open or the boot from inside the car until u get key. How old is you car? Locksmith charged us around 120 to do it. He stuck an electric probe into door and the central locking lifted up.