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  1. My wifes got a 1998 mondeo 1.8 and the fuel consumption seems to be all over the place sometimes good sometimes bad. She said yesterday that she did 87 miles and it went from just over half to just under half on the gauge which id expect however she came home today and said it had used quarter of a tank to do 30 miles. Car runs fine. Air filter changed christmas time recent 5w 30 oil and filter. Still on its original plugs and leads at 88000 miles (i know that doesnt help :-() I seem to see a lot of posts about high fuel consumption, Someone suggested on another site to someone with similar problem it could be the MAF so ive just gone out and unplugged it and asked her to let me know how she gets on. Will change the plugs when i get a chance but do you think unplugging the MAF will do anything. Has anybody got any experience with this matter?
  2. Mk2 Boot Opening And Correct Engine Oil

    If by pushing the button doesnt pop the boot but turning the key does id imagine its a broken linkage or some sort of switch thats broken.
  3. Fiesta Mark Iv Hot Air Only From Fan

    Chances are that it is the heater control valve at fault. Its a well known problem with mk4 and 5s. It is located under the bonnet by the scuttle same place as the wiper motor. It has about 4 water pipes and an electrical connection to it. Google fiesta heater control valve and you may get more info on it. I cant help with how to change it as ive never done one but im sure its as straightforward as removing pipes and reconnecting. Fiestaownersclub.com is a good site that is pretty good with the mk4 and mk5s
  4. Build Date

    Put your reg no into this link:- http://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do;jsessionid=DFCE4E157C574840F5EBA74D066CE647.walv0595
  5. Mk2 Boot Opening And Correct Engine Oil

    With the car unlocked the button under the rear driver light can be pushed in to pop the boot.