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  1. hi......... i have a 2008 ford fiesta titanium and i'm haveing problems with my steering. every time i take a left or right hand bend there is a noise that seems to be coming from the steering wheel. about a week ago my wife drove over a pot hole in the road. does anyone have any ideas ( like buckled wheel ) cheers minko
  2. hi...i'm trying to find the colour code for my 2008 fiesta titanium ( ocean blue )but just can't find it. iv'e looked under the bonnet but there's only stickers for the headlamps. iv'e looked on the door pillar but the numbers there don't look like colour codes, although there is one number JA8**that could be a colour code. any help would be appreciated minko
  3. No Spare Wheel For Fiesta Titanium

    the reason being you can only drive at 50mph and it is a get you home or get you to a garage solution minko
  4. hi.... i have just bought a fiesta titanium 2008 and am dissapointed there is no spare wheel only a puncture repair kit. I don't want a space saver in my boot but having found a normal size wheel will not fit in the boot well I decided to make a small adjustment. The normal wheel was 2" higher than the boot cover so I put a framework of 2"x2" timber around the top of the boot well and then placed the boot cover over the top. All I have lost is 2" of depth in my boot and you can't tell it has been altered.I have tried one of my car wheels in the boot well and it fits perfectly. All I want now is a used steel wheel for my spare... if anyone know where I can buy one from ( Yorkshire ) Minko