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  1. Fusion Durashift

    I have owned a 1.4 Fusion Durashift since Feb 2004 and have just got to 74000 miles in it. Just before the 3 year warranty expired the servo that changes gear in auto mode failed (and was replaced under warranty), the car was still driveable by changing gear manually. Jule your issue with the car losing the gear may be solved by pushing the brake peddle. I have found the gear won't change (particularly reverse) unless your foot is on the brake. hth. :)
  2. Warning Sounds

    Seat belt?
  3. Ipod With Fusion Stereo

    What you need is an FM transmitter to plug in your MP3 player, then tune the radio to that frequency.
  4. Finally A Ford Forum

    Delighted to find this forum this morning. I own a Fusion, my wife a Focus. I hope it will prove as good / useful as the Renault and VW/Audi ones. :)
  5. 03/53 Plate Fusion Owners??

    Had the same issue on my 53 plate Fusion. I had already re-glued them a few years ago, but the glue deteriorates, hardens and cracks in the sun/heat. A replacement cost around £18 from a Ford dealer on ebay.
  6. '05 Focus Tailgate/boot Problem

    My Focus Estate has the switch not working issue, but the key fob opens the tailgate. I just took the tailgate bits apart to investigate. Water ingress seems to be the issue, an additional tests you may want to try, disconnect the switch where it joins the wiring loom. When you reconnect, if you hear the opening mechanism operate it suggests the switch is permanently closed.