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  1. 2008 Mk6 Wont Turn Over

    Anyone? :)
  2. 2008 Mk6 Wont Turn Over

    Well I got the relay last night very hopeful of it fixing the problem. But no. Didn't change a thing so if anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.
  3. 2008 Mk6 Wont Turn Over

    Sorry yeah I meant relay. I've ordered a new one of these just incase that could be the fault?
  4. 2008 Mk6 Wont Turn Over

    Any one with any ideas please :)
  5. 2008 Mk6 Wont Turn Over

    Hopefully you can see both pics. The fuse is the one he removed. And the wire is what he did for a quick fix so I press it down which starts the car straight away.
  6. 2008 Mk6 Wont Turn Over

    Hi all, Any help will really be appreciated. Basically the car was working fine. Started up and drove to work. When I finished I tried turning the key and nothing. All the lights on the dash are fine but it's not even trying to start. It just won't turn over at all. Someone came out and gave me a quick solution for now until I can find out how to fix it. Basically he took out the fuse for the start and put a in a wire so I have to put the keys in. Open the bonnet and press this wire and it starts without problems. I'll try adding pics when I find out how too to help people understand. Hopefully someone can help with this. Thank you
  7. Fiesta Boot

    Do you know where the sensor is so I could maybe check that see if the wiring looks broken in any way?
  8. Fiesta Boot

    Hi all, Just a quick one hopefully someone has the answer. Basically I have a 2009 Ford Fiesta. It keeps coming on at random times saying the boots open. Even though it's shut fine. I can be driving and suddenly the warning noise and warning saying boot open. Then can go off and so on. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you
  9. Focus Diesel Mk1 Blanking Plate?

    Anyone :D
  10. Focus Diesel Mk1 Blanking Plate?

    Well theres the 2 pics for you all. Full shot of the engine. The other wich the orange arrow is where im guessing i put the blanking plate? Would i be right in thinking this? Thanks
  11. Focus Diesel Mk1 Blanking Plate?

    Thanks for the reply. Think if i go for mot ill take it out then until it pass's :)
  12. Focus Diesel Mk1 Blanking Plate?

    Ill try and upload sum pics of my car soon. Hopfully someone can help me to know if its the correct part id be doin.
  13. Focus Diesel Mk1 Blanking Plate?

    Yeah the egr blanking plate sorry
  14. Hi all, Just been reading about putting a blanking plate on a diesel focus. Does anyone have any pics of exactly where i put this on a focus. Ive seen other cars but focus seems to be different? Any help please. Ill post a video once i have done all this to help anyone else aswel :) Thanks all
  15. Focus Electrics. Indicator Problem :(

    Sorry my fault should have made that clear. All the front lights are working fine. Its jus the back that doesnt want to work :( im going to be trying this tomorrow in morning and will take some pics. Hopfully everything will be ok. Thanks for all your help will keep you informed.