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  1. Happy Birthday chrisrhondda!

  2. Hi all just had a diesel express tuning box delivered plugged it all in fine with no problems, it came on setting number 3 which I didn't notice much of an improvement, it's currently on setting number 5 they go from 1-8 I was just wondering if anyone had one of these and what's the best setting to be on for the power I didn't want to just crank it up to 8 in case I cause trouble. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all recently got my Focus back after taking a knock to the front end basically had all the front end renewed however since having my motor back i've noticed that my fog lights seem terrible totally out of line. One I would even mistake for looking for aeroplanes pmsl. Does anyone know of a way if these can be adjusted at all ? Is it a simple process. Best Regards Chris
  4. This sounds good to me from all sides, however i am still undecided part of me is saying go for a bluefin as their on offer for January, then another part of me is saying DTUK's CRD2 box which claims to take it between 140-150bhp which is considerably more than bluefin or the last and final would be a remap with longlife exhausts in my local caerphilly depot ? I've read through loads of reviews some say the bluefin is incredible and well worth every penny but others say its a waste of time go for a remap? decision decisions lol
  5. Thanks for getting back to me, great to see your feedback. I am going more towards the bluefin I think at the moment, what sort of gains did you get from your remaps if possible ?
  6. Hi all been scouring the internet for a good while now even with previous cars and am undecided on which product is best, I have clearly made my mind up to avoid the cheap ebay tuning boxes as from all the bad reviews etc. i've come across, so I was just wondering has anyone purchased any of the above products or maybe something different, and which one would you recommend for 1. Reliability 2. Best Results Thanks Chris
  7. Thanks so much for your replies so far much appreciated, i'm getting the timing belt done tonight so gonna have agood look around then :)
  8. Hi all finally got round to changing my much cherished mk 1.5 Focus Chic and have upgraded to a 57 plate 1.8tdci. I have to say I think my new motor is Fantastic and the performance and economy is amazing comparfed to my 1.6 zetec previously. I wanted to ask a quick question if possible, from around 1-2000 revs i noticed a very faint like vibration or rattle seems to be from centre of dash, anything above 2000 rpm and theres nothing anyone ever had anything like this ? Be really greatfull for any feedback thanks chris
  9. To right wish I had thought of doing that in the beginning before replacing all the parts I had changed but I suppose one way to look at it is there's a few new parts on there which should see me through for a while lol :)
  10. Just to update you all finally solved my problem, I took my Focus up to the main dealers and they plugged it in for diagnostics and it came up on their system that my car needed a PCM update & reprogram they done this for me £65 + vat and it's running like a dream now very happy indeed :)
  11. Here are two videos of some of the live data on my care are these readings normal ? Cause I haven't got a clue :( Thanks All
  12. Deffo gonna get it booked into main dealers I think is the best option, another thing i noticed this morning whilst accelerating quite firmly that when i took my foot off the pedal at quite high revs and dipped the clutch to change gear i noticed as if the engine was revving after I had taken my foot off the accelerator like as if it was trying to grab some extra breath or as if there was pressure being built up , you'd swear there wasa dump valve on it lol but not quite that loud and I know it wouldnt be a dump valve :)
  13. Just to update you all of my recent spend I have just replaced the coil pack and its still the same with no change whatsoever, i'm running out of things to do now the only 3 I can think of which i havent changed is 1. Idle Control Valve 2. Map Sensor 3. Throttle Positioning Sensor Anyone got any suggestions
  14. Thanks for your quick reply, is it worth buying one off ebay or shall I buy the original ford part.