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  1. Yep, its not good I do tell them all about looking after their cars.........I do normally look after mine. Last service was just a slip and I'm glad its all booked in now to get up to date :) Lesson learned :P
  2. It was probably more to do with running a driving school and needing new cars fairly regular :D So I agreed to book it in for its overdue service, they agree to put the repair in under warranty and they also give me a years free AA breakdown cover......everyones happy :) Although I'd say to anyone who needs a repair (not related to missing a service) to fight them all the way! I don't deserve special treatment just because I run a driving school (or because I have !Removed! lol :P ) , everyone who paid out for a new ford deserves to expect that car to keep on working and if it doesn't, they should repair it!
  3. The repair is being done under warranty :D It's all to do with the wording used on the warranty, mainly the phrase 'as a direct result'. An alternator does not fail after 40k because you missed one service. This thread wasn't started to cause trouble......I've never had any car trouble before and never had need to use a warranty, so I just needed some info.
  4. I wasn't complaining, just asking a question. I can't find anywere, any info telling me my warranty is void for not having the service done. I'm not 100% sure how overdue the service is as I left the book in the car and car is at the garage. To date its had 2 full services...both at the main dealers.
  5. But thats not what it says on Fords own website....... 'Exclusions While our warranties are comprehensive, there are some things we don’t cover. Ford is not responsible for any repair or replacement that is required as a direct result of: * Failure to properly maintain the vehicle in accordance with Ford maintenance schedules and service instructions' It states that the exclusion is only if the repair needed is a direct result in not having a service done. A broken alternator is not a direct result of not having a service.
  6. First of Hello......I'm new to this forum and I know I'm being a bit rude jumping right in with a question (but it is a bit urgent) :) This morning my 08 plate fiesta died on me....ok it was the alternator that died :( I took it to the ford dealer where I bought the car and left it to be checked over. Got a call back a couple of hours later saying it needed a new alternator. The guy then went on to explain that as its overdue its service, the warranty is void After checking some stuff out on the Ford website it seems to be saying the warranty is void if the fault is a direct result of missing a service. But imo a broken alternator is nothing to do with missing a service. Am I right? An alternator isn't a serviced item and if it was gonna break it would do so wether the car was serviced or not? Just checking before I go in there tomorrow morning with all guns blazing :D E x