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  1. Which Fiesta Model Should I Get?

    I really wanted her to get a 1.0t but they were considerably more. She's happy with it so that's the main thing.
  2. Which Fiesta Model Should I Get?

    I'm not sure exactly how many hours she works, I've got a feeling it's about 33 hours a week. I don't live with her anymore so will have to give her a ring and find out.
  3. Which Fiesta Model Should I Get?

    That's really good advise, i'll have a look into it, im concerned she won't get the finance, she's only on minimum wage and hasn't had any credit before. She's 19, is it likely even pursuing the finance option?
  4. Which Fiesta Model Should I Get?

    I did actually suggest it to her, but she said that she didn't want the monthly repayments and she's got the money set to one side and doesn't want to spend any more than her 7k. With all this talk about new cars, im feeling the desire to upgrade myself!
  5. Which Fiesta Model Should I Get?

    Wow! Thanks for the links and info, I'll email them over to her and go and see some. Thank you so much for your help!
  6. Which Fiesta Model Should I Get?

    I've had a look through auto trader. It just so baffling! I had the 15 spoke alloys and as nice as they looked they had had it! I'll have a look into zetecs as they might be a bit cheaper than a titanium, im sure she can learn to park looking over her shoulder!
  7. Hi, I bout my '58 Fiesta Titanium in Sep 2010 from L. S. Eaves Ford in Colchester. When I bought it they serviced it and at the time (according to the service book) it had done 11,885 miles - this is the one and only service stamp the book has. Nearly 2 years later (I've had no problems with the car) I've thought that I really should get it serviced, not only because it's been 2 years since it was last serviced, but because the car has now done 33k. I feel bad because aren't yet supposed to service a car every 12.5k? I'm just wondering about what is done in a service and what I should make sure gets checked/changed. Is it a major service or a sort of check over service? I've been looking on the Ford website and they offer a fixed priced service for £99 which I think is good value. The one thing I am mainly concerned about is the cam belt because I've heard that if this goes it ruins everything and you've pretty much lost your car... will Ford check this and when should it be changed? As you can guess, I'm pretty clueless about this sort of thing! Any help much appreciated.
  8. It's actually a relief that you have made this poll. A few month ago I bought up this discussion and a few people agreed with me and others put me down with arguments along the lines of the fact my driving style impacts on the potential to buckle my alloys... Which I fully accept, but it bothers me that so many other people have this problem too. Some others state that having low profile tyres on the 16" titanium alloys is going to increase the chance of buckling your alloys... The problem is, many of us consumers have buckled wheels therefore the alloys ford supplies us with our vehicles are not fit for purpose. I just wonder if this increases the chance of a tyre blowout that could cause a nasty accident. I mainly drive short journeys so the problem doesn't bother me so much. But this weekend I've been away and driving back 100miles with the constant shaking drives me insane and actually tires me out. I really hope you get the votes you need to take this to court because it's a serious issue that ford needs to rectify.
  9. Bluetooth Won't Connect

    I've tried updating my fiesta but nothing happens. My memory stick is formatted correctly and I copied the folder onto my memory stick. I started the installation as it says but nothing happens. So I tried just putting the update files on the stick, not in the folder that they came downloaded in, same procedure again, this time the radio mutes but still nothing happens. I'm very confused!
  10. Bluetooth Won't Connect

  11. Bluetooth Won't Connect

    I disconnected it and left it a few hours and reconnected it - same problem. It's really weird!
  12. Bluetooth Won't Connect

    Thanks for the reply, will do it when I get home from work! Hope it works!
  13. Bluetooth Won't Connect

    Hi, I've got a 58' fiesta titanium and am having trouble with my Bluetooth. It's been working fine since I got it and about 6 weeks ago I got the iPhone 4s and had no trouble whatsoever. Out of the blue the little blue Bluetooth icon in the bottom left of the fiestas screen doesn't come on and my phone says that it's not connected. So I tried activating the connection but it won't have it. I tried to debond the phone and car but it still says 'phone 1' in the phone section. So I deleted the connection on my phone and now when my phone scans for devices my fiesta doesn't come up! When I try and turn the Bluetooth off in the car, the tick disappears from the box for about 1 second And then comes back straight away ticked. Is there any way of resetting the bluetooth in my car? I'm sure it's a problem with the car, not the phone. Thanks.
  14. Buying New Alloys

    Thank you for your offer, but I would like to get a brand new set just for piece of mind more than anything else. I have been recommended by wealdman to a local business that might be able to advise me something similar to what he got.
  15. Buying New Alloys

    I agree the council are to blame for the state of the roads. Leaving everything to one side about side walls and profiles of tyres etc.The alloy wheels ford supplied on my particular fiesta are not fit for purpose as they have buckled. If there have been 500 threads started about this issue, there must be something wrong with them! I'm not the only person with this problem. We are going quite off topic, I'm after some advise/reccomendation on which alloys to buy and where to get them!