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    Hi hope someone can help, I have a 1998 1.8 Escort, I need the fuel line that goes from the fuel filter to the engine. The ford numbers for this are: Finished Number: 1009663 Engine Number (OEM) 95AB9312AB If anyone can help in either locating this part, or; someone who could manufacture it (I have the old one) it would be really gratefully appreciated, regards Dave
  2. Hi all, I have following problem: My Car is a: MK3 Fiesta HCS CFI 1300 1994. Have made many mods but for momrnt left engine as is. Now have the following, A pre 1992 FRST loom and fuse box, going to a post 1992 HCS CFI engine loom. They don't work, Am looking for diagrams which will help me overcome these difficulties. Have spent two years completely rebuilding the little car totally reskinned and many mods. So how do I bridge this fusebox so both miltiplugs work together, and the engine runs as should do... please help me Regards D)
  3. Hello All, I am stuck finishing my Fiesta MK3 HCS CFI Modification. I have fitted a PRE 92 FRST Loom and Fuse box to my fiesta. But now need to find how to bridge the fuse boxes Fuses and Relays to allow this to be joined to the MK3 HCS CFI Engine loom and work. I can't go back to the HCS CFI loom, as the security and many more enhancements are woven in to this loom. So In short, I need to finds away of joining a pre 93 FRST loom and fuse box, to a post 92 HCS CFI Engine loom. I am sure it can be done but don't know how. Have bought relevant Haynes Manual (especially for this job) but it is not in-depth enough to allow this to be completed. Have searched for a Ford Work shop manual for the MK3 Fiesta 1994, but can't find that either, I think one of the CD's may be good enough to show the diagrams to enable this to take place. Please if you can help do so I really am desperate.. Regards G)