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  1. Happy Birthday John21!

  2. Mk3 Focus Washers On Mk7 Fez.

    You got a part number for the glossy/heated pair? I will see if my local dealer can get them in. If not I will get back to you. Thanks John btw your wheels looks awesome...what colour are they?
  3. So got it done in the end. About to return it for the 2nd time though because it has that orange peel effect on the paint which isn't nice. Definitely won't be going back! Will post some pictures when I get it back this weekend. Quick question....it seems the bumper has moved slightly since they sprayed the grill. It sits a little lower then usual and there is a gap between it and the light. I'm gonna ask them to adjust is when I drop it off. But just in cast they dont...how hard is it to do yourself? I can't see any adjustable bits under the bonnet?
  4. The Block Is Back.....

  5. Mk3 Focus Washers On Mk7 Fez.

    You got anymore available D4nz0?
  6. How does the car sound with the exhaust and the J1 kit? I have the J1 at the moment...tempted to get the exhaust too!
  7. That's been available for a while now. Not had the balls to buy one though. Anyone on here got one?
  8. Also got a quote from a local place where I live for painting the plastics. £360 max (could be cheaper) But that doesn't include a smooth finish. Just a glossy paint over the rough plastic.
  9. Just had my full quote from Kinghorn. Pretty steep! Don't think I will be going ahead with them. Labour £326.80 Parts £0.00 Paint & Materials £126.11 Charges £400.00 (4 wheels refurb & coat) Subtotal £852.91 VAT £170.58 Total £1023.49
  10. Hey guys, Looking to get a rough estimate on what I can expect to pay to get my exterior plastics sprayed & get my wheels refurbed & coated. Had one quote from Kinghorn Body Shop in Aberdeen.... Wheels are £125 each??!! (seems awfully expensive) Still waiting on a price for the plastics. Also a question for the people who have already done it...Did you get the plastics on the mirrors sprayed? And did you get the rough texture from the plastics smoothed down? Thanks John
  11. Pairing Iphone 4 With Bluetooth

    Got iOS5 on my iPod Touch. Seems to work fine...chuffed with the song name being displayed. If you press the 'Info' button it will display artist and album too. Notifications in iOS5 is such a breath of fresh air. Took them long enough to sort it though!! :D
  12. New Induction Kit Mk7

    What's wrong? Cat die? :o
  13. Mk7 Scuff Plates

    I have the Ford ones on my ZS. Can pop a picture up 2mo.
  14. New Induction Kit Mk7

    Well had it for a few days now...still keeping a smile on my face :) 2 things I have noticed so far... Before I fitted this, the car always felt dead after about 5000-5500rpm. Now it carries on all the way!! :) And the car seems to rev a lot smoother now. Won't comment on any power increases because I won't be getting it dyno'd. There are graphs further back that prove the increases.
  15. K&n Air Filter - Worth It?

    Only for a few mins, so don't wanna comment on any power increases yet. It does sound terrific though. It's not too hard. I had a bit of trouble with one connection but I think it was just me being thick. You will also need 2 Torx screwdrivers, sizes 20 + 30. I will go for a spin 2mo and let you know how it feels