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  1. Mondeo Boot Wont Open

    Well thanks for all your help Auto electrician came out today and solved the problem, It was the Private lock Shorting ( thats the lock between number plate lights) disconnect that and it open by switch in car need to get new one fit it and then key fob should work took him 2 hours to find fault but at least its sorted :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :) :) :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  2. Mondeo Boot Wont Open

    wire colours are 1 green and 2 brown
  3. Mondeo Boot Wont Open

    ment to say done wiggle test on all wires as well :(
  4. Mondeo Boot Wont Open

    yes looked at all the wires and can see no physical damage sprayed all contacts with wd40 still now power getting to it
  5. Mondeo Boot Wont Open

    tried disconecing battery no joy :( will have to bite bullet and contact ford dealer on tuesday :o Need to get it sorted not sue its the fob as the internal boot release wont work as well, cant c how key fob affects that ?
  6. Mondeo Boot Wont Open

    ok will try to moz ty
  7. Mondeo Boot Wont Open

    thanks for all the help but have tested lock and no power to it :( solenoid works with direct power :) . gone through self test and get ER0108 code any more help would be great if you have any ideas
  8. Mondeo Boot Wont Open

    thanks but cant test lock mechanism until boot is open and i cant do that so i seem to be stuck any ideas how to open boot so i can test?
  9. Key fob and internal button wont open boot on Mondeo estate 2004 auto TCDI zetec, only got car today and it was working when i looked at it now cant open it at all. Is there any fuse i should look at ? have read owners man did not help at all need help Please