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    Focus ABS Module

    Does anyone have any experience with faulty ABS modules? I recently had the front suspension leg on my Focus replaced by a local mechanic, and he also replaced a side air-bag module. He tells me he took it the local ford stealership to have the Airbag module reset, but that after several attempts, the dash ended up showing air-bag, ABS and TCS lights permanently on! Before he laid his hands on it, I'm sure it was only the air-bag light showing. Now, I can understand that the dealership failed to reset the air-bag module (or rather, I can understand that an inexperienced technician might fail to do manage it), but is it feasible that they could scramble the ABS module at the same time? I suppose it's possible that the ABS/TCS warning lights could have been activated by the mechanic, for example, running the vehicle before reconnecting the wheel speed sensor? But why couldn't the stealership reset it? I could send the module away to have it reset, but can't really believe that the dealership couldn't do it (they told the mechanic that there must be something wrong with the ABS module - but there is no real explanation for why that should be or what could have caused it). Any advice would be much appreciated!