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  1. hi all working on a 2004/04 reg galaxy tdi, its used as a taxi and the meter has stoped working, the is no output from the purple wire at the back of the stereo, and nothing from the green/white wire and the back of the speedo head, the speedo still works fine, im at a loss has anyone had this problem alsp does anyone know where the can bus wires are located and what colour they are?
  2. any thanks for your help, will try filter first and go from there.
  3. 2.0 Tdci Aux Belt

    yeah thats it will have to buy one. thanks
  4. Egr Valve

    thanks for you help, put new valve on in the end, when i got it off it had fallen to bits, not the easiest job to to, thanks for your help.
  5. hi all, does anyone know if there is a special tool for putting a new aux belt on the 2.0 tdci engine, ive changed the crank pully tensioner, and trying to fit a new belt too, and is prooving very difficult to get it on. thanks duncan.
  6. Egr Valve

    hi all engine management light cam on last night, ive pluged it in when i got home and this is what come up. P1335 EGR Position sensor minimum stop performance, failure type no. P0490 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control circut high failure type no. i got hold of some EGR3 spray which is sposed to clean ths system, does anyone know if its any good? but on the can it doesn't say where you spray it, only what it does, also are these faults the EGR valve its self, or something linked to it, ford want £300 for the EGR itself. its a 2007/07 reg, smax 2.0 tdci 143bhp model all help on this will be great thanks.
  7. hi all, i have a mondeo tdci, 115 ps, 2002 52 reg, when driving at between 50/60 and you put your foot down it goes into limp mode glow plug light starts flashing, ive pluged it into my dianostic scanner and comes up with injector pump fuel metering malfuntion, does anyone know if this means new injector pump or would there be a fuel regulator somewhere thats dud, also when starting from cold throttle doesnt work for 10/15 seconds could this be related has anyone had this problem?