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  1. as an engineer all my life (aged 80 now) I have had very favourable results with Moylslip,on several previous cars, Cortinas, Escorts and Focus in engines and gearbox. I have no problem at all with wear giving a situation with no top up of oil between oil change on any of them. In one case I had Cortina on which the water pump failed on a motorway, the result was 2 pistons and valves were badly damaged but on strip down the bores were perfect, due I think to the protection given by Molyslip. Cant help on turbo's though as i have never had a car with one.
  2. My MPG display seems to be stuck on 38.3 mpg, I have tried to zero it in the same way as zeroing the trip counter, ie pressing in the little stud on the rev counter dial but nothing happens. Do i have a prob with the computer or should I be doing something different?
  3. Fiesta Workshop Manuals

    Hi thanks for replying, There isn,t much I need but it would be nice to have a read and know where eveything is such oil filter gearbox filler plug etc. AsI like to do my own servicing having trained and qualified as an engineer many years ago it is still interesting to know how it all works. A bit sad smoe might say but it's good bedtime reading. One question you might have an opinion on is:- I have always used Molyslip in my engines and gearboxes and have never had any problems with gearbox noise or oil consumption, would you consider using this in the newer engines advisable or even necessary? I mention this because many years ago I had a Mk 3 Cortina which had water pump failure on the motorway, of course I failed to notice the temp gauge off the scale . The result was 3 burnt out valves and several broken piston rings. When I stripped it down the bores were absolutey unblemished and apart from replacing them, the pump and gaskets it gave me hundreds of miles service, The use of Molyslip in my view protected the bores.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a Haynes manual, or similar, for the 2009 new shape fiesta printed yet? I need to read a little deeper than the sketchy owners manual. Thanks Aub
  5. Tyre Wear

    My 2009 fiesta zetec 1.25 has done 18k and the front tyres are showing scrub on the outer part of the tread equally on each wheel. Does any one have an a opinion on this, ie is this acceptable or should I get the tracking checked? I had a Focus 2 litre for 5 years and didn't put a new tyre on it, and there was still legal tread on all wheels when I sold it. thanks for any comments
  6. Usb connection new fiesta

    did you manage to get a usb port fitted to your fiesta, I wold like to know how you did it.
  7. Zeroing Trip Counter

    Thanks everybody I found the little button on the rev counter and that zeroed it. The handbook didn't say as much just press the stalk, but farther in the book there is an illustration which shows it. I should have spent more time reading! Thanks again
  8. Have just bought a 2008 new shape Fiesta Zetec, so far a great motor, but am having trouble resetting the trip counter. I have been back to the garage twice, they seem to be able to do it but I cant. I have followed the instruction "just find the trip mileage on the display and hold in the button on the left hand stalk" but it evades me, I know I'm getting long in the tooth, and I shall go back again, but can anyone guess at what the trouble is so that I dont make myself look a bigger prat than i feel Thanks for any comment