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  1. S Max - Most Unreliable Car

    would be grateful if you can tell me the year and model of your s-max
  2. Zetec Or Titanium

    Due to personal circumstances my driving has dropped from 20k per annum to 5k per annum. Do drive on the motorway once a month. Have always been careful to maintain my speed so in a way cruise control is not essential. Trouble is i park on the main road. The titanium will attract more unwanted attention than the bland (in comparison) zetec. Have a month to decide which model to go for. Does anyone have a s-max in sea grey? If so do you have any pics i can see? Thanks
  3. Zetec Or Titanium

    Looking at buying a new S-Max 2.0 diesel in a month or two. Can't decide between the zetec and titanium model. True the titanium looks smarter with the different alloys, DRLs and chrome trim but is it worth paying extra for it? It also comes with privacy glass and cruise control. Cruise control i can do without. What bugs me is that the s-max does not come with a tonneau cover. It is a or rather was a £75 optional extra. Now it is incorporated in space pack which costs £200. So if i am going to pay extra for this for zetec mdel am i better going for titanium which has privacy glass? Has anyone bought a zetec and wished they bought a titanium. Personally the ztec looks plain compared to titanium but feel the titanium will attract unwanted attention. There is a new titanium parked near me bt has already got the dreaded scratches on the sides from a jealous lowlife. Decisions decisions By the way i plan to go for sea grey or whatever they changed the name to. The colours has been changed but ford website not updated yet. Thanks in advance for any replies
  4. Hi

    Hi, i am looking into buying a Ford S-Max in the near future. Have owned Ford cars in the past, escort mk1, cortina mk 2,3,4 and 5; sierra and a mondeo. Currently drive a Ford owned Mazda. Look forward to gaining valuable information on this site.