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  1. Canadian Fiesta Vs Uk Fiesta

    Most UK people make the same error when they see car prices in North America. You have to remember that unlike the UK, Sales tax or VAT as we prefer to say, isn't included in North America. I think Ontario has a 15% sales tax therefore that car will cost £16800. If you add leather to a UK 1.6 Titanium 5dr, the prices aren't that much different.
  2. Incredibly Stupid Design

    The moderator should reconsider his position - ha! ha! ha! best laugh I've had in ages. You tell 'em Hen Pecked. A decrepit OAP eh? (you're the one who said it). You yourself may hold an honours degree in fuelling cars at the pump, the problem is Ford have to make cars for all us 'ordinary' folk. There are literally thousands of articles and stats which prove filling up with the wrong fuel is a common occurrence - surely Ford should be applauded for at least trying to tackle the problem? eg: An estimated 120,000 drivers put the wrong fuel in their car every year - about 13 an hour - and end up paying out a total of £50million in repair bills. Cases of filling up with the wrong fuel are so common that the AA and RAC have dedicated patrols to help motorists who have done this. Read more:
  3. Individual Leather

    Remembered this thread whilst looking at prices of cars and came across this: Blue Leather interior If you launch the gallery, you'll see what that individual blue leather interior looks like, but be warned, wear a pair of sunglasses before opening the link... Everyone to their own I guess but IMO it's !Removed! hideous!
  4. Require Help On Pricing Car?

    I'm about to advertise (or trade-in) my Zetec S - I really need something a little bigger with 5 doors. Any idea as to how much I should advertise it for? Forecourt prices seem to vary enormously. 1.6 Ti-VCT Zetec S, Vision blue, blue interior: extras: bluetooth, usb, street pack (17" alloys + body kit), spare wheel. Aug 2010 (8 month old) '10 plate, 3300 miles Cheers.
  5. Avoid At All Cost (Bad Dealers Name And Shame)

    Caveman, no I'm not a salesman, I'm just very confused why you think this is a bad dealership. As much as I hate negotiating with dealers (30years of experience buying from the buggers), I do realise they're not charity shops. Bottom line is this - I cannot understand why you just didn't pay £9.3k for the black car. If you were happy with paying £9k for your car, £300 extra seems more than reasonable for the newer and better equipped one.
  6. Avoid At All Cost (Bad Dealers Name And Shame)

    Really having trouble understand this one, I'm confused. You test drive two cars, a blue one and a black one. The salesman asks you what price you saw them up for and you replied £9k and £9.3k respectively. You were then told the black one wasn't for sale. You go home, search the internet and find both cars advertised at £9k and think that's odd as the salesman said £9.3k for the black one. No he didn't!!! You've just said that he asked you what YOU saw them advertised for, and it was YOU who said £9.3k - so what's your problem? The rest of the story is rubbish to be honest. You agreed to purchase the blue car, that's it, end of story - what subsequently happens to the black car is not your concern. The tale the salesman gave you makes perfect sense - they could have sold it but the deal may have fallen thru, things like that happen all the time. At the time of purchase did you say to the salesman that you'd rather have the black car than the blue one? Did you make it clear that if the deal fell thru on the Black car then you'd buy it? If you did then that makes the story even more confusing. You just said you were willing to pay £9.3k for it, right? Well perhaps the person they eventually sold it to saw the same online price as you did second time round and purchased it for £9k? Now why would any garage sell a car for LESS than they could have got for it? Sorry but can't understand your issue or why you believe this to be a bad dealership.
  7. Anyone Seen An 11 Plate Fiesta Yet?

    Was thinking about this thread this afternoon. Amongst the usual 11 plate culprits that pass by, I spied a brand new Saab 9-3 whilst out on my travels. It could easily have been an 03 reg car to someone who's still got a life, but there it wearing an 11-plate as it drove past. Looked pretty weird I must say. Not sure how much the owner paid for it but I bet it's already depreciated 50% in the past two weeks! :P
  8. Individual Leather

    Opinion on leather? Had leather in all my past Volvos, Merc and Audi. Quality of leather in Volvos was the best and if treated (I used a leather softener twice a year - before and after the cold winter months) the seats were amazing - they always looked as good as new, hardly any sign of creasing. Heated seats is a must IMO. Never had an issue with leather being too hot in summer but damn cold in the winter. Ford Leather? Saw the std grey leather fitted in a Zetec S in showroom. Apologies to all who have this option but in my opinion the quality of the leather is !Removed! awful. I'll back this up by saying I saw the same leather option in a car which was only a few months old and had covered 2000 miles yet the leather looked well used and abused. I've drove over 40k in my V70 and the leather was in far better condition than that Ford. I honestly wouldn't chose Ford leather if it was a no cost option. Individual leather? Someone may answer this but is it the same quality as the std leather? Sat in a White titanium at Machargs Ford, Glasgow. The leather felt thicker / more robust somehow - not sure if that's right or was the colour playing tricks on me? Anyway, if the car had just that wine coloured leather it'd be ok, but it didn't - it was multi-coloured - cream colour leather panels on the seats as well. (multi-coloured steering wheel? Can't remember). Anyway the whole effect was just awful in my opinion, but I guess someone must like it. Haven't seen the blue leather but if that has cream panels thru it as well... it's all a bit OTT for my taste.
  9. Incredibly Stupid Design

    I'll bet you very few if any of those thieves overcome a 5 mortice lock in a matter of seconds without some serious hardware. Most break-ins occur due to a thief breaking the glass at the side of your door and using the key which most people have lying nearby, or enter thru the window - with the older type double glazing, you simply remove the outer seal with a screwdriver and lift the whole glass pain out! 30secs and you're in. Going back to drawing comparison with the lock on your fuel tank - if that lock on your door was of such a feeble design then you may believe it's better to lock your door than leave it open but in reality it makes not one jot of difference, not even the most opportunistic thief armed with nothing more than a paper clip.
  10. Anyone Seen An 11 Plate Fiesta Yet?

    You 11 plate spotters want to come to Central Scotland. Seen loads and if our roads are anything to go by, Kia appear to be one of the major benefactors of the new plate change. Lots of VW (Golfs mostly) and Audi which is weird because neither are exactly the cheapest cars in their sector. Seeing lot's of new A1's.
  11. The Love Affair Is Over

    It's all New Labour's fault, if they hadn't banned Fox Hunting... But seriously, you're going to buy another Fiesta van! You got away with it this time but that amount of damage for a car travelling at a mere 15-20mph :o A wet paper bag would have suffered less. If it were me, I defo wouldn't be going for the same type of car.
  12. Can I Link My Ipod Up To Standard Car Stereo

    Without any sort of AUX or cd changer input your only two options are: 1: Change the head unit 2: Buy an FM transmitter (something like the itrip) and play it thru the radio.
  13. Incredibly Stupid Design

    You make a good point. I'll answer via something that happened to me yesterday. My garden shed contains all my tools, power tools, my bike etc. It's about five years old and the manufacturer fitted a bolt-type lock on the door - just like 99% of all garden sheds. Off course like any responsible person I bought a padlock. Yesterday I left the padlock keys on my workbench, closed the door and snapped shut the padlock! :o Wally! Which got me thinking, best way to break in? So I go and get a screwdriver, undo the two screws on the cover which the bolt slides in to and hay presto, open door! No damage and the job's done in less than 20 secs. Now what was the !Removed! point of me having a bolt/padlock on my garden shed for 5 years if you can break in that easy? Over the past years I've FELT things were secure - obviously they weren't. Take a look at your garden shed, your neighbours, your friends etc and you'll see that nearly every single one of them will likely have some security which makes the owner FEEL secure, however in reality that security is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Whether you buy a locking fuel cap or not is entirely your decision and if it makes you FEEL secure then great. But in reality any feeble lock on fuel caps won't deter a single person from stealing your fuel. I admit it might deter the odd inquisitive kid from peering down in to your fuel tank or stuffing his Buzz Lightyear down there, but that's about it. You may think it an incredibly stupid design, others may see it as an incredibly wise design. Actually thinking of it, a locking fuel cap maight well INCREASE your insurance premium as your car is more prone to damage.
  14. Boot Opens On Its Own

    Your boot solenoid is knackered and needs replaced. There's been several recent threads about this.
  15. Incredibly Stupid Design

    No problem, he just fills up every time he passes a Fiesta. B)