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  1. Love the phone set up, how did you get the power to the cradle, where did you route the wire?
  2. Usb Froze Up On Me...

    Mine has done this a couple of times, as other say leave the car for a few minutes and come back and it was fine again
  3. Think I May Have To Resign...

    I had a Leon on an 06 plate, had a minor niggle with the paint at 2 year old which was fixed under warranty no bother. It was the bast car I have owned, enjoy!
  4. Best Polish?

    Agree with that
  5. 2010 Titanium

    Mine has cruise control but only the front windows are electric
  6. Best Back To Black Trim Product

    Autoglym Fast Glass is brilliant for this
  7. Good Phone Holders For The Mk7?

    love the look of the right hand side holder, how do yoiu route the wiring so it is neat and tidy?
  8. * Fiesta Mk7 Petrol Flap Issue

    what he said but be persistent, my parents were on their third filler cap, before the dealer did this fix
  9. Every Morning I Lose 20-25 Miles

    what he said, my mpg is 10% down doing short journeys in the cold winter days compared to long trips in the summer
  10. Fiesta Service Woes

    this sounds like my experience with the wifes hyundai. It was 3 month old and had a "bleb" in the paint on the hatch back, the dealer said it was a stone chip (on the back???) and it was not covered under warranty. I could not see how it could be a stone chip so they agreed to refer it to hyundai, after 2 months I had heard nothing so rang hyundai. It had never been referred and after 10 mins got a call back from hyundai telling me to take it to the body shop of my choice and they would pay. Moral of the story, trust the dealer as far as you can spit with a hangover, warranty work takes ages to get paid by the manufacturer so they hate doing it
  11. Hi My step son has bought his first car, a S plate 1.25 Zetec. It seems ok but he is having a problem with central locking, it seems to lock when you turn the key in the drivers door but unlocks when you turn the key back to remove it. I know the had a double lock system that worked depending on how you turned the key. Not sure if this is the problem or if its something else, any help or ideas please Cheers
  12. New Ford Fiesta , Indian

    the voice control on mine works a treat and did not have to be trained for my geordie accent, it got me first time the saloon version of the fiesta is stunning, wont get released here as it will be competing with the focus
  13. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Insects, !Removed! little things have established a mass grave on the front of the car. What do you guys recommendas good stuff to shift these as part of the ever lengthening weekly wash. Cheers
  14. If you mean the one near blyth where they keep cows in pens, it not a ford dealership anymore
  15. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Well, first good weekend of the spring so the car got a good seeing too today, snow foam, wash, polish and sealed. However one area that is a let down is the top edge of the back seat and head restraints which gets a liberal dosing of labrador spit and has a grey sort of water mark, what would any one suggest as a good fabric cleaner Cheers