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  1. Mpg 1.6 Focus

    i got over 41 on 3hr motorway trip around town its about 36-39 atm
  2. Bit Of Advice Please

    thanks for reply i bit the bullet and did the trip i needed 365 miles 90% motorway trip computer said 42.4MPG when i got back how does this sound ? normal ? the car acted normal all the time good power best idle ever been sat at juction after 3 hrs on motorway hehe return trip used less fuel "boot unloaded" just over 1/4 tank . but car did still have trouble starting when i set off for return home could this be an fuel filter problem ? sorry for all the question :) thanks all gavin
  3. Bit Of Advice Please

    hi all i borrowed an code reader with live data recorder/reader i been sat and looking over the readings lambda's are runing fine switching when they should by looks of it. in fact everything looks good apart from throttle % its starts at 15.5 (cold) down to 14.5 (warm) i take it choke but i can see specially with live data graph that the throttle % is moving alot up and down by much as 1% at idle also linked to this the inlet manifold pressure flux's . so what would you all think ? i starting to think an air leak or icv or tps ???? thanks all gavin
  4. 1.6 Lx Mkii

    my car an 05 1.6 is doing under 20mpg i got more problem know other than fuel usage like bad idle and hard starting but as i found out cold weather of course means longer choke time more fuel in mixture in my case extra lol as by looks of it my engine coolant temp not telling ecu to turn choke off cuz engine warmed up (be double checking findings tomarrow) . i think 50miles less an tank in this really cold weather we had isnt bad im not far off 150miles max per tank atm and falling. if u still got the power smooth engine etc u be fine :)
  5. Steering Groan

    if they do that for free have them checked as said leave the pothole part out of the "what the problem" if that comes back as all good at lease it should be safe and u got that peace of mind. i guess 10-15mph don't sound too fast but also how deep was the hole was it little bump like car only just moving or was it bump...... "SH&T was that an speed camera i ran over" sort of one ? i guess what im trying to ask in my own nutty way is was it an hell of an impact or hardly noticable ? hopfully it just an simple thing like an link rod or ball joint good luck mate
  6. Steering Groan

    has that been stoped now then because my brother made an claim for repairs after pothole damage even know he didn't get full refund he got about 80% of costs repaided mind u we talking 5-6 years ago
  7. Steering Groan

    best bet is get the tracking checked first at place does free track checks if thats out then u know u got damaged componant from the pothole , with steering there number of things how hard and fast did u hit the pothole ? might of bent and link arm or even the alloy (it can happen). also remember any steering problem could an major safty hazard and should be checked right away :) good luck btw i belive u can claim for polehole damages from the town it happened in.
  8. Bit Of Advice Please

    hay good people :) well i know i havn't been on for an long time but family comitment and normal life stuff ive just not had time :( well to get to point the little nag of an problem. 3-4 weeks ago the car started geting an rough idle revs bouncing an bit ,lack of power needing to use right foot more to get anywhere so i booked car in for full service incluing fuel filter etc. then since the car now having trouble starting every now and then i have to try good 2-3 times sometimes after week of use i done the maths and car is running about 19-20mpg (2005 1.6 99bhp petrol) so it getting costly in fuel alone . took it back to garage no errors codes but they can hear the engine runing up and down and smell the rich mixure. but without the EML being on they don't know whats up only maybe it might be the lama's on the cat but at £110 each they said it an big risk replacing them and it turns out not to be them. so any masterminds out there got ideas or sort as to things i can try etc as tests or stuff ??? by the way apart from this my car been lovly since dealers got that stick up their !Removed!'s (see my first post nightmare !!!! :) ) thanks all
  9. Just Bought 02 Tddi..... Got Probs :(

    hi mate. i would get to the dealer and get talking asap, TBH if any water in oil no matter how little is bad news for the engine at best new oil flush and fliter,on other end u could be spending lots of money on replacing bits that not the cause,i know from my tddi that parts are costy in total i spent good 300-400 on sensors and likes with no joy EGR vavles if go wrong are costly too.when turbo finally went i just refused to spend more money on "might be this/that" even from ford dealers. the fact you said its might already been out with new seals on water pump and likes is very conserning for me ,this engine by sounds of it had an bad life and could be costly.also 3-5 litres per 30mins is ALOT and got be going somwhere, also incase you didn't know but once an diesel turbo start leaking oil into intake u in danger of an engine run--off basicly this is where the turbo leaks oil into intake inturns gets burned in engine and unless u stall it before it get good hold you looking at an engine self destory (i don't mean like an nuke going off just over revs till all oil gone and locks up if u unluckly you might have few small fires too from heat!.and before people say it don't happen just look around other ford forums there been quite an few. but back to your problem even if u got the money to try repairs go to dealers get it sorted by them its their duty under sale of good act,and if the engine is an write off well you get your money back and not watsed any on trying to sort engine,also the "new seals" how have you found this out ? have you took the parts off or is it purly just from the edges ?.
  10. Just Bought 02 Tddi..... Got Probs :(

    hi pal i belive turbo is partly to fault seals sounds liek there on there way out .as for the water driping off turbo this could be anything water likes to travel,unless its gushing out water leaks are somtimes hard to find.i remember i was looseing coolant on an serria it was getting in the engine and out exhaust took me ages but narrowed it down to an very unlikly place the inlet manifold !! basiclly old gasket wasn't fully removed when last off by prevous owner/garage and it partly cracked the fixing plate resulting in coolant from engine block into combuston chamber at slow rate. i would deffo talk to yr dealer asap an turbo replacment for ford engines are pricey(if the smoke is turbo related) i remember an recon unit for my tddi mondy (03 plate) was in the £300 ball park and £1000 new !!! as Tony said you got rights i know ive gone thought hell with my new focus the first 3 weeks of ownership they had it for 2 weeks of that for repairs.depending on the dealer some will give you cocktail of cow muck about this and that not covered etc or no warrinty was stated even if there isn't you by law you can demand an full refund if you wish for the car or repairs.my bigist problem was my dealer was used to peaple like me that didn't know where i stond and walked all over me untill i got armed with info and soon as the magic words came out of my mouth "trading standards"he was only too pleased to help me.also if you got car on finance they are also liable for the car IE: if all fails with dealer turn to them and they by law got do same as dealer. in my case towards the 10th repair my dealer desided to start turn nasty as in keep the car 2 days longer than needed i noticed it was always end of week to bring it in thursday/friday keep it weekend then 1 or two. just to say haha im goa keep you waiting cuz of repair costs.so after the gearbox repair failed i rang finance to return car as sold as unfit and unroadwothly. in the end they picked car up next day and returned it 9 days later from my local ford main dealer fully checked/serviced and repaired and even took an sum off my agreement as good will guester. don't spend yr money trying to fix the problem you got rights to repairs just stick to yr guns. also the longer u wait the harder it be. the water lost and over heating will kill that engine,also the smoke what color is it when it happens ? white,grey,black,blue ??? also does the car try to die if you floor it as to overtake on motorway etc ? EDIT "someone else said thermostat too, waiting for his kit to check for exhaust gases in coolant" i would take it you are talking about an sniffer ? colored dye that changes color when carbom monoxside is detected in the coolant (looks bit like an anti-frezze % tester) ?
  11. Qiuck Question

    hi all ive just sorted my "swimming spark plugs" problem but im still getting uneven idling lack of power till higher revs i replaced the plugs with ngk's they ok ?? also do you think the leads are damaged from being in water for an long time ??? ,they very brown and stained. also what about the coil could the water damaged it ??? also the exhaust is an bit bassy. what do u all think be best ??? i be ringing dealer in morning to "talk" about the problem. cheers ppl gav
  12. Water in spark plug ports

    hi all you know what this is funny ive just had this problem !!. car was misfiring so thought i do plug change..and what do i find spark plugs under water wow thanks ford. now took an while to get all that water out but i did when to get plugs out 2 where jammed other two came out fine anyways got all four out in end without damage but boy was there some rubbish on them all above the plug seating was stained brown and caked in crap. it took me twice of refitting and removing plugs just to get them in unfouled. got them in newly recharged battery fired the 10th try.but i think i now need new leads as !Removed! thing still misfiring and rough/shundering idling.car only 5 weeks old so the thing going back to dealer tomarrow mostly likly as an return. 3 fords =3 lemons i do know how to pick the bad ones lol gavin
  13. Need Some Help Please

    its an 1.6 petrol mk2 zetec climate 2005 (05) 53000 on clock hpi checked fine etc (done my self). unfortually no one that know cars,only other option was paying for inspection but i was silly and thought i save money. i payed 4478 for it it was at 4995 (cash),test drive was fine no leaks in or under engine at time (dry week weather wise) i thought i did my research this time check out seller history online and with other people that used the garage again all was fine. i think i will get refund today and put it in bank and save little extra for an used car from an mains dealer maybe i be little bit luckler. what about car insurance ? can i stop it only month into it (my first insurance in few years) thanks braindead
  14. Need Some Help Please

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (pulling my hair out) i got up this morning to check tyre it was flat so pumped it up took it to local tyre centre....................wish i didn't now. well both tyres on rear are "snow tyres rated H" and front are "summer tyres rated V" backs needs replacing acording to tyre place somthing about mot failure becuase of tyre diffance.also tyres was pumped up diffant pressure once it was set to 32 all round the car again started to pull to right alot GRRRRRRRR.then they found ABS cable to driver front wheel as been cut off then retaped on,then onto steering the rubber boot on the steering rack is completely missing,then the mounts are dry/worn(?). so again i rang them so they said bring it in........i got in car stared it put clutch iBANG clutch pedal when to fllor and stays there. to say i filped at this point is am under statment,i then rang my garage that "did" the work to find out dealer had car picked up as "they was to expensive" so in fact the dealer double crossed me and had his bloke do the work. i just desided to leave it hour or two to clam down then rang them they told me to get it towed to them i just was god smacked they wanted ME to pay for the tow in the end they got one out then the !Removed! bloke did know where the front towing eye fixing was 30mins later it was loaded and delivered. very long phone call later i put an ultuamtion down witch i think fair wether im "intiled" or not .i had car two weeks they had it for 10 days of that. so i said ,the car is to have an full pre-mot check done by regisitered mot tester,then all faults repaired either by his bloke or the tester place,if it his bloke then the car is to have an final pre-mot test.if they refuse either due to dongy work or they not done some either way the AA or likes with be called for them to inspect car and if they find it unroad worthy ,the car will be returned for total 100% refund. sorry my rant is over ,and tbh this isn't the restart to driving i wanted ! thanks for reading braindead
  15. Need Some Help Please

    hi just an quick update........ picked car up this dinner time. aircon was fecking frezzing compared to when i got the first regas.GREAT :) fuel light problem is now sorted, and the gear change is much better like driving diffent car :). only problem now is about half home the car starting slowly to drift to drivers side needing me to offset steering wheel to go in straint line. i got out at safe spot couldn't see any flat tyres so carried on by time i got home 10-15mins the steering wheel needed about 7-8degrees offset to other way. so when i got home i checked the tyre pressures three was 38.5psi and front drivers was 36.5 and the tyre looked bit flater others,i be checking it in morning. my question is can 2psi make such an diffance to the steering ????? next thing i want to do is add bluetooth handfree to either the cd6000 or get new double din headunit,not sure yet i think i need to do more research i think. gavin