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  1. Urgent Please

    well guys there is no noise from mine it does feel a little heavy its working but heavier than it should be
  2. Urgent Please

    guys thanks so much for all your help I have an AA breakdown warranty ie the car breaks down its the steering they pay to have it fixed up till £500 per claim might call them out to check it over thanks
  3. Urgent Please

    mate thanks for that just back from the garage the guy said its the steering rack thats gone he has been out in it and thats what he thinks. he is a good guy has done a good bit of work on my Gt4 so trust him. is this out of the norm for these items to go at 50k miles ?
  4. Urgent Please

    it was all 4 wheels but the strange thing is that as soon as the car is driven the tracking goes off again say 1/2 mile the garage done it 3 times but it is still wondering all over the road. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Urgent Please

    Please can you help my new focus 2003 mp3 has a problem. when driving at 60-70 mph the car seems to wander about the road its worse when cornering its like sitting on a jelly whats wrong? the car has done 49500 miles passed its mot last week no advisories . I took it to be tracked yesterday it was 14 out not sure what that means the garage also put a new drop link and a suspension joint . The tyre pressure is ok the garage checked them but as soon as you drive the car the tracking goes off the garage tracked it 3 times yesterday whats wrong and where would you guys start looking please. im scared to drive the car as the wondering is worrying!!!!!!!! Thanks for your help.
  6. Engine Temperature

    guys do these engines run hot 1.8 16v zetec the car temp always stays in the middle the coolant bottle rises to max but not over its just that the engine feels excessively hot and I can hear the water gargeling no mix of water and oil or loss of power like i said it stays in the middle the needle on the temp section. my celica GT4 runs hot buts thats putting out 330bhp and of course thats a different animal. Thanks for your advice / suggestions
  7. Ford Focus Servicing?

    oil and filter plus check the air and pollen filter if dirty change them. check all the other fluid levels that should be you.
  8. Newby

    hi guys the car has just had a full service been out in the car done just over 100 mile round trip took it to 90 drives great. I have been under the car its very clean no untowards that I could see . thanks for all your advice .
  9. Newby

    well guys thats what i paid and it passed its mot the next day with no advisories everything works well on the car and low miles at 49k magic.
  10. Newby

    service completed the car really needed it . its going in next week to have the anti roll bar bushes checked as very clunky at the front.
  11. Tyre Pressure 17S

    thanks very much for that
  12. Tyre Pressure 17S

    your right but its not there and no hand book only got the car yesterday been servicing it today just the tyres to check
  13. Tyre Pressure 17S

    guys i have used the search but no joy whats the pressure for the 17s my mp3 focus run as standard please?
  14. Battery Strap

    guys please can you tell me how the car battery is held down ? also what holds the jack in place I have the original new spare wheel but not sure about the tools as only a jack and its just lying loose the car is a 3 door mp3 thanks for your advice
  15. Newby

    hi guys any advice on servicing the focus i just bought its a 03 mp3 model 1.8 with 49000 miles on it.Bought it yesterday with 1 months mot but it passed that today no advisories Now wait for it the cost £500. for the car plus £30. for the mot What a steal