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  1. show off your 5 door foci!!!

    this is my focus (First car) more mods to come
  2. show off your 5 door foci!!!

    Nice focus Alex boy, is it wrapped or painted on the roof?
  3. Slipping Clutch?

    I had similar problems with my focus, although it had the same clutch for 132000 miles. May of been used had before. P.s when you change the clutch you may need to change a bearing aswel
  4. Focus For Sale

    Ford focus 1999 plate zetec for sale MOT until augustTax until end of the month ONE PREVIOUS OWNER full service history 50% ford main dealer 50% independent garage. Both keys(standard key and blue ford key) i have all the books, guides and many receipts with the car showning working that has been carried out. new clutch put in two days (with two year warranty) ago along with full service cost £300 Valve clearances done at 100k New anti roll bar links and a oil service was done 2 months ago It has 17 inch momo alloys with perelli tires all round Clear indicator lenses, bumper and side repeaters sportex race tube exhaust put on recently as old one had hole on it. Ford factory fit rear spoiler, still worth £100 orginal 6 cd changer with cassette and radio( also has steering wheel controls)Traction control Zetec sport seats Front and rear heated screens Very good car, I have owned it for nearly one year dnd it has given no problems at all. It has a few scratches in the rear bumper and could do with a new passenger mirror as the old one is cracked( stil works fine) It has a private plate on the car, this will come with the car if the asking price is met. Don't let the mileage put you off, it sounds and runs better than a 50k car and looks it too, really shines up when cleaned. I'm sad to see this go, but I would like a Honda civic coupe, around 1998 to 2000 plate, may consider a swap or part exchange Thanks for looking. offers accepted! p.s. may put on one years road tax at buyers cost price drop! MAY SWAP OR PART EXCHANGE FOR CIVIC COUPE!
  5. Decisions

    Hi , my backbox for my mk1 focus is on it's way out and I can't decide which one to get, I seen a sportex one on eBay and am wondering if that is any good. ( would like one with a good sound) Any suggestions ???
  6. Ford Fair

    Yup, seems like no one is on the foroum at the moment, will be great if most of the club go
  7. Ford Fair

    That would be great if the club gets involved and organises something, looks like alot of fun,
  8. Ford Fair

    I was browsing the web and came across this http://www.fordfair.co.uk/ Just wanted to know if any one from the club is coming?
  9. Exhaust

    hi im thinking of puting an exhaust on my car, either backbox or the whole thing, just for some noise not really power gains, ive seen on on ebay (a backbox) and it was fitted to a 1.8 mk1, i have a 1.6, will it fit. thanks
  10. Help Needed

    hi, i have the standard cd 5000 cd player with cd changer and tape in my mk1 focus ( i think its a cd5000, not sure just thinking off the top of my head lol) and was wondering if a subwoofer can be connected, i like this cd player because it has a cd changer and steering wheel controls, any help would be apprecieated
  11. Is This Correct

    thats strange, my focus is a zetec any way does anyone know what this problem is, when i put the accelarstor to about half way, the revs somestime rapidly jump to around 3k and the car will shoot off
  12. Is This Correct

    hi, i was reading the haynes manual for my 1999 focus and it says and shows that the 1.6 has the zetec se engine but mine sayes zetec s on it, is this meant to be right? I believe there are a number of different engines, mine is a zetec se. is yours a silver cam cover?
  13. Strange Acceleration

    hi, i have just noticed this problem with my mk1 focus, when i use have or mor throttle, the revs rapiddly jump to 3k and the car jumps forward, i don't find this a problem when accelarating, but when i come out of a junction for example it can cause the to jump off too quick making me look reckless. any one know what the problem is
  14. Creaking Noise

    hi i just had the same problem, it turned out to be the anti roll bar and its bushes, it cost £60 for both sides replaced, now the creak is gone. i hope this is of any help