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  1. Battery Light On

    With engine running around 13.8 - 13.9 Volts
  2. Battery Light On

    It has been on since new, so over 6 years old now. What I can't understand though, is how this would put the battery light on after quite a few miles? I would have expected the light on when the battery was at it's worst (just after start up).
  3. Battery Light On

    Hi I have a 2004 1.6 TDCi that I've owned since April 2009. Up until recently, very happy. About 4 weeks ago, the battery light came on when my Wife was driving. I checked all connections, it went off, never came back on, great (I thought....). We went away on holiday last week, after 50 - 55 miles, the light came on again. Pulled over, checked all connections, but it kept coming on after a few miles until we turned it off. Once there, we left the car for a few hours. That week, we did 350 miles, in trips of up to 50 miles at a time and no light. I bought a multimeter the day we got there and kept a track of what was happening daily. In the evenings, it was showing around 12.4 volts, then in the mornings, this had dropped by 0.25 - 0.35 volts, showing about 12.15 average. On the way home, the same happened as when we were on the way down. I have done some research, including this forum and have come across varying remedies ranging from changing the relay that controls the heated rear window (I had just used this before the light came on last week), to a new battery, new alternator, and in some cases people still hadn't cured the fault after doing all of these. Can anyone point me in a suitable direction (not the Ford dealer please...I can't afford to pay that sort of money). Your help will be very much appreciated. Andy
  4. Battery Light

    Hi I know this thread is old, but I have this problem and I wondered if the fault was cures? Thanks in advance, Andy