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  1. 2008 Galaxy Air Con Doesn't Turn On

    The garage have found no faults - althought they have apparently contacted Ford and thay have said that the air con system does not function if the outside temp is below 10 degrees C. I have found reference elsewhere that it does not function if below 4 degrees C! I guess I will have to wait for a warmer day to check if this is right. My garage have always advised me to operate the air con regularly during the winter to keep it functioning properly and they weren't aware there was a minimum operating temperature.
  2. 2008 Galaxy Air Con Doesn't Turn On

    Thanks Stoney. Its going in for two days next week to try and trace the fault. I'll mention this to him. The air con has always been a weak point on this car.
  3. When I press the air con on/off button the digital display changes from off to on but the air con does not actually turn on. My trusted local garage has serviced the system and it is fully gassed but they cant work out why the system is not operating. No error codes are coming up. They are going to obtain the wiring diagram for the system and then want the car back to start trying to trace the fault. Any ideas?
  4. When does the cambelt need to be changed on a Galaxy 2.0TDCI 2008.
  5. When I put my 2008 galaxy into reverse the parking sensor tone is constant as if you are right next to something. You can turn it off with the dash button. I have removed each sensor and refitted but still doing it. Is there some way you can check which is faulty rather than buy all four new ones?
  6. Specification Details!

    Ghia also has wood dash and door inserts instead of silver on the zetec.
  7. Auto Locking Galaxy Doors

    I have a 2008 Galaxy. The hand book says that the if no doors have been opened after 45 seconds of you unlocking, the car will auto lock itself. Seems a good idea incase you have accidentally unlocked it for some reason - but mine locks itself randomnly even if you have opened a door. Example - unlock car and open drivers door to put something in car, shut door again and then go round otherside of car to strap child into rear childseat, when walking back to drivers side car auto locks itself and you discover you have left keys on drivers seat!! You then have a 3 year old locked inside car and no way of getting to them - problem!! Surely this sytem is designed to lock itself only if you have not opened any doors. Maybe mine is just faulty. Is there anyway to turn this feature off?
  8. Air Con Water In Footwell

    Thanks Mintalkin - Now just need to find where the drain should be connected to. No doubt somewhere difficult!
  9. Air Con Water In Footwell

    I have a 2008 Galaxy and the when using the air con after about 20 minutes water comes out of a pipe at the bottom right hand side of the centre console and pours into the driver footwell. This same pipe has air blowing out of it all the time when you have the heater running (even if not using aircon) You would not notice the pipe unless you remove the trim panel at the bottom of the centre console on drivers side. Does any body know what this pipe is actually for? Surely it would not be designed to drain the water from the air con inside the car!