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  1. Update - I managed to get Ford to waive the parts/repair costs meaning i only had to pay the £95 diagnostic fee. Pleased as i could really do without the extra bills right now. Thanks for the replies in the thread.
  2. I've questioned the costs. They were the last people to open the bonnet (although i can't prove it), and annoyingly the car is less than a week out of warranty. The guy was sympathetic and is going to speak to Ford head brass to see if they will waive or contribute towards the repair costs. i'm not holding my breath, but i thought i might as well ask the question. If not i will just let them do the work, as you said its better to have it resolved.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Forgot to mention that the AA guy found no error codes. Just had a call from Ford, and they reckon its an erroded connector to the starter motor. Total cost to repair is £198 inc £95 diagnostic fee.
  4. Hi, Had a problem with my car in that tried to start it yesterday, but nothing. No power whatsoever and after trying to start it, i get an engine malfunction message on the dashboard. Called the AA and they first suspected a flat battery, but he couldn't test it because he couldn't open the bonnet due to a broken lock (which was fine before Ford did the MOT/Service two weeks ago, and i haven't opened it since). He managed to test the alternator from underneath the car and it was fine. He then tried to jump start it, but it initially wouldn't work, but after getting a more powerful generator from the van managed to start it. He wasn't convinced it would last however and towed me to the Ford garage who now have it. Has anyone has a similar problem or thoughts on what it might be? I have a Focus 1.8 Zetec, MK2.5 2011 plate. Thanks in advance.
  5. Remote Window Lowering

    Bummer - thanks for the replies!
  6. Remote Window Lowering

    Hi, I've got a 2011 mk2.5 Focus and i was wondering if the remote can be programmed to open and close the front windows. My my old Mondeo used to do it by holding down the open/close door buttons on the key fob, but it doesn't work with the Focus. The manual indicates that it can be done, but following the instructions haven't worked. Thanks
  7. Awful Am Radio Reception

    Hi guys - hoping someone can help with this issue. I have a 2011 Focus Zetec, which i recently purchased from a main Ford dealer. Since i purchased the car, the AM radio reception has been absolutely awful, unusable at times. It's constant interference and buzzing and a clicking that happens every second. It's very poor when the engine is off, but ridiculously poor when the engine has been started. I've taken it back to Ford twice. The first time they changed the radio unit, but it made no difference, the second time they cleaned the earth and other connections and it has made no difference. They say they cannot do anything else, and insist they have compared it to similar models and they all have the same reception. Now, if it wasn't meant to be listened to, it wouldn't be on the radio, and i have never heard reception this poor on any car. Has anyone else had this problem or have any insight as to what might be causing this problem? Cheers
  8. Odd Problem With Revs

    A rare problem i'm guessing lol.
  9. Fuel Light

    Oddly, my fuel light comes on when the computer shows 58 miles left.
  10. Odd Problem With Revs

    Hi, I have a strange issue i haven't encountered before and hope someone can help. When i come to a stop and am completely stationary, the revs go to to about 3000 on their own for a few seconds before coming back down. My foot is nowhere near the accelerator at this point. Has anyone else had this happen?
  11. Bluetooth Software Update

    Agreed - all the documentation says i have a phonebook option in the menu, but it doesn't at all.
  12. Haynes Manual

    That would be absolutely fantastic if you don't mind.
  13. 6000Cd Bluetooth

    I've had the same issue - the phone pairs up fine, but no phonebook is imported. I've tried de-bonding and re-bonding several times with no luck.
  14. Haynes Manual

    Great, thanks guys. I'll pick one up. The help is appreciated
  15. Haynes Manual

    Can't seem to find a Haynes Manual for my MK2.5 2011 Focus anywhere - am i being blind and daft or do they not produce one?