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  1. New Ka And Ipod..

    If you read the fine print in the manual, you will realise that the music system isnt compatible with ipod after all. If I had an Ipod I'd be P--ed off I tell you.
  2. Hazel, I had the same experience. The manual advertises i-pod compatibility but when you read the fine print in the manual that comes with the car, it states that it only works with ipods in mass storage mode. This means its not going to work with your iphone or ipod touch or any of those. I think this is blatant false advertising on behalf of ford and even if they have done nothing illigal, do they think they will be scoring any points with customers who thereafter find out that they have been misled? I dont own an ipod (although I had thought of buying one just to, as you describe, have my entire collection at my fingertips) so I am not that upset, but I realy didnt expect to be misled like this. P.S. I went to a Honda dealer today and they pull this stunt with their civics. Vynz.
  3. Mk2 Ka Mpg Computer?

    Went on an A road trip of 98 miles today and averaged 64mpg (according to trip computer). 1.3 TDCI with 250miles on the odo, never put fuel myself yet :)so no figures to calculate!
  4. Ka Clutch Gone

    Know this is an old post but its a good idea to change your rear engine seal as well as your already in there.
  5. Bike Rack For Mk2 Ka?

    Roof racks with bicycle racks are definitely available from Ford. The boot mounted ones will break your spoiler and the bicycle wheels might kill a few pedestrians as you zip about town as the car is so narrow!