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  1. Happy Birthday Bill Badger!

  2. "key Not Detected"

    I'm getting a constant warning on my Mondeo Titanium that the key battery is low. I've changed the battery for a new, good quality replacement but the warning symbol returned within a day or two. I've put up with it for a few weeks because I know the battery is new, but I'm occasionally getting a 'Key not detected' warning, which is rather worrying because the car won't start.....! It seems to sort itself out after ten seconds or so, but it's obviously a bit worrying because one day it won't! I recall hearing about one or two problems from others. Anyone had similar issues?
  3. Auto Folding Mirror Kits

    They are fitted on my 2011 Titanium as standard fitment, but as suggested in the above posts (but perhaps in more simple terms), the actual folding mirrors are only part of it. You will need to check to see if the electrical wiring and switches/relays are already in place or easily fitted. If not, it could prove very expensive.......
  4. My Mondi Going Through Changes.

    Your car, your choice. However, I would suggest that you keep the standard parts so that you can put them back on if you should ever sell it. As it is with all the red touches, it may seriously affect the resale value. No offence meant :)
  5. Euro3 Or Euro4 Engine?

    Does the number of gears have significance? I seem to recall that in 2005 my 2.0TDCi 6 speed was Euro 4, but if I had bought the 5 speed it would have been Euro 3
  6. I don't have your model of car, but share your disappointment with regard to fuel consumption......... My 1.8TDCi Titanium gives me about 42mpg, which is about 5mpg less than my MK4 2.0TDCi under similar (local) driving. I know it's a heavier car, but the performance is disappointing too - try pulling away swiftly from 1000rpm and it's just a huge flat spot until it slowly reaches 1700rpm. Then, after a bit of a kick, it's all over after another 1500rpm or so........ I did get 48mpg once on a long journey, but that was rather a milestone, and it is usually no more than 46mpg. Motorways with my old MK4 gave me 50mpg regularly.
  7. Lack Of Power

    Sorry to hear you've had to pay out for a clutch. If it softens the blow, my MK3 cost about £1400 by the time they had convinced us to have a new starter motor and fitted a new pulley kit as well. I can't see how the clutch problem would have given you a power loss though. Doesn't seem to make sense. At least you're up and running again though.
  8. Excess Reving

    I get exactly the same from my 1.8tdci. A friend has a similar problem with his 2.0tdci S Max. Always in first-second gear change, and not every time. Apparently, it is something that is in the software to stop the car stalling! I find it embarrassing because it always seems to be when I'm where there are pedestrians about who think I'm either drunk or have big feet! I'm going to get it booked into Ford since the car has only done 5000 miles. It's done it since I had it new, but I just don't seem to get around to being able to do without it..... I did discuss it once with a remapping guy that I got talking to. He reckons he has remapped quite a few that do this, particularly the 1.8 models. He also says he can get a better performance curve. However, I'd better try to get it done by Ford first because of any warranty issues! My problem goes deeper perhaps than yours. The 1.8tdci does not have a good spread of power as standard - Nothing below 1700rpm, then a surge of power at this point (not looking forward to ice & snow), then the power drops off again at just over 3000rpm. Great car on motorways, but not the easiest around town because it isn't punchy enough at low revs to pull away smoothly.
  9. Lack Of Power

    I can't see this being a clutch problem. If the clutch was slipping, you would have noticed it more when changing into the higher gears, since the engine revs would have come down slowly (like driving an automatic).
  10. Mondeo Mk4 1.8Tdci Performance

    Update to above posting - 30th September 2011. The car now has 3500 miles on the clock. Fuel consumption has improved from a miserable 35mpg to a better figure of 40mpg (average), but still nowhere near the 46mpg of my old 2.0TDCi MK3. :( Flat spot hasn't improved. Car will be booked into Ford to sort out. :( Engine revs increase on their own when changing from 1st to 2nd gear. Sometimes up to 4000rpm. Embarrassing in town driving! It doesn't happen in any other gear. A friend with a 2.0TDCi S Max has a similar problem. :( Reversing sensors now playing up. Erratic beeping when reversing when nothing anywhere near. Sensor still works when parking though, so suspect one of the sensors dodgy. :( I prefer the dashboard display to show average mpg. This keeps changing back to instant mpg for no reason, and is annoying. (it was ok until about 1500 miles ago). :( Occasionally, ABS failure light illuminates. Goes off if the engine is restarted. :( A list of faults which I hope to have sorted soon. I haven't had it looked at yet because of other committments (don't want to lose the car because my son is off to Uni). Any comments on the above? It would be good to be able to answer back to the likely 'no one else has complained' etc.....
  11. There are lots of tuning chips available for the Ford diesel engine. These range in price from abot £75 to £400+. Has anyone had experience with them? Typical units available on Ebay can be bought from about £85.00. Many look to be the same, and most offer a power increase of up to about 25%. Does anyone on this forum have experience of these devices, and if so, can they please advise which are the best? Personally, I'm looking to increase the low speed torque spread on my 1.8TDCi engine, but any information welcome.
  12. New Titanium X

    If it helps, I have just had a new Mondeo Titanium Plus 1.8TDCi, and the Sony system is single disc. I'm not too bothered though, because there is a USB connection in the glovebox and if you have Bluetooth on your phone, it will also play through the Sony. As my son said - 'Who uses CDs these days......?' Kids!
  13. Miles Per Gallon

    Do you have a hole in the tank....? My old MK3 2 litre showed 46 as a general rule running about. Never had it showing less than 42mpg. On a motorway I could get it up to around the mid fifties. My new MK4 1.8TDCi has yet to show more than 35 running around locally, although it has only just reached 1000 miles, so I'm hoping that it will improve when it loosens up a bit. (I also hope the flat spot below 1600rpm will go away as well before someone runs into the back of me......!).
  14. Mondeo 2011 Towbar Fitting

    I have now fitted a towbar to my 2011 Mondeo. Working methodically, the actual fitting of the towbar itself (a Westfalia/Ford item), was straightforward and presented no problems. After being frightened off with the £150+ price just for the genuine Ford wiring parts, I went and talked to my local towbar shop. They have never fitted the Ford item, but instead use the PCT isolator unit. I'm happy to do my own wiring and fitting, so I bought the necessary parts and went ahead and did it at about a quarter of the price. The isolator is basically used to accept tiny current inputs from the car lighting and convert it to operate small relays in order to switch the lights on the trailer. (You can't just link things up any more as you perhaps did before because LED rear lights do not have the current carrying capability of powering up filament lamps on a trailer). The hardest paet of the job was finding a 12V supply in the rear of the car, but I eventually worked it out and all works fine. No special tools are needed, but I suggest you allow a weekend for the first time because finding the wire colours can be time consuming. The second time (on your mate's car!), will be easier. The link to the isolator unit is here: http://www.pct.eu.com/automotive/electrics_english_v2_frame.htm Pre 2010 cars without LED rear lights do not need the isolator, but it can still be fitted if you feel happier. One thing to note: This type of system means that other than a beeper sounding when the indicators are on, the car doesn't 'know' that there is a trailer on. If you have electronically monitored suspension and a host of other fancy gadgets, you should take care not to upset things. You don't want the on board computer thinking that correction to something is needed, when all that is wrong is that the trailer is pulling a bit.....! Also, if you are not electrically competent, it may be best to take it in and have it fitted professionally.
  15. I expected my new 1.8tdci Mondeo to be a bit down on power compared with my old 2.0tdci MK3, but at low revs it seems really flat. Turning a corner in second gear gives me a problem because there is just a huge flat spot until I hit about 1700rpm, when the car then bursts into life. Any suggestions? I'm still running the car in, so taking things steady, and the car in general is great except for the above and the miserably bad 35mpg fuel consumption.............