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  1. Cheap Lowering Springs Mk6

    I had factory fitted Eibachs on my MX-5 Sport last year. I think Eibach must have a deal with manufacturers to supply them as factory fit option. So moving on from spings to coil overs... Do you need a spring compressor to fit coil overs as I would be able to save money by fitting them myself if you don't. And what "cheap" coil overs are worth looking at?
  2. Aftermarket Exhaust Mk6

    Modding really just for looks and sound. I was looking at the Sportex with 3" tip. Not that fussed about it being stainless as running on LPG is said to make exhausts last 3 times longer anyway.
  3. Aftermarket Exhaust Mk6

    Hi. I am looking at aftermarket exhausts for my 1.4 Fiesta and notice that he original is hidden away behind the bumper. If you fit an aftermarket exhaust does it require a cut out to be made in the bumper or are most of them designed so that the exhaust tip comes out under the bumper? Does anyone have any photos of exhausts fitted? Thanks.
  4. How Can I Modify My Speaker System?

    My "Flame" is the same so I would be interested in seeing some photos. Also what size are the speakers in the front doors and (in my 3 door) the rear side panels?
  5. Cheap Lowering Springs Mk6

    Ok thanks. I was wondering if it was a case of you get what you pay for or if someone knew that they may be made in the same place but have different lables on and you were paying extra for the name. Apex also sell them and they are a well know make. Not decided if I am going to spend the money on it yet but just making up my wish list.
  6. Cheap Lowering Springs Mk6

    I have read a lot about Eibach springs people have been using to lower their Fiesta but has anyone used a cheap set from eBay and how did they find them? There are a few various manufacturers selling them for half the Eibach price and am considering using them but wanted to know if anyone else has had problems with fitting, quality, height or anything else. Here are a few examples: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/300582514809 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160519341599 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320735997258
  7. Water In Suspension Strut Top

    It didn't seem that blocked but I will try and give it a good flush out and spray some WD40 down there too. The water seemed to just run straight down the windscreen and end up in the strut top as if there was a hole in the drain duct. I made an album for the car here: But here is tha car as I bought it yesterday:
  8. Cooking on gas

    2004 Fiesta Flame 1.4 16V LPG conversion
  9. Water In Suspension Strut Top

    Just bought a Fiesta today and have been giving a good looking over. It has been raining this afternoon and I have noticed this evening that the drivers side suspension strut top is full of water. I dried it out and trickled water down the windscreen and it seems to fill up pretty quickly. Is this normal, something blocked or a hole in the drain? Thanks.
  10. Back Again

    Hi everyone, I registered about a year ago when I bought an Escort Van with rusty chassis rails but I gave up on that and have had a few other "run arounds" since. I frequently drive up and down to Aberdeen and today bought a 2004 Fiesta 1.4 Flame with a LPG conversion! Hello again!
  11. Newbie

    Hi all, Just bought a 75 TD escort van but it needs some work so joined the forum in hope that I can read the posts, ask some questions and then help others that may need it in the future. Not really looking forward to rebuilding the rear chassis legs of the van but hey ho! Mark.
  12. ford escort mk6/7 manual pdf??

    This looks like a good band wagon to jump on! Just bought a TD 75 Escort Van and can see me needing to do some major work to it very shortly. A manual would be great! tarkmalbot at hotmail dot com
  13. Rear Chassis Legs

    Hi, I recently bought what I thought was a good condition 1.8 TD 75 Escort Van but when I took it for a service this was found: I dont really want to give up on the van as the rest of it seems in great condition and is pretty low millage and would like to try and either rebuild the chassis section or cut it out and replace it with new chassis legs. I have seen these advertised for earlier escorts and other vehicles but can't seem to see any for the Mk6 Escort Van. Can anyone help me as to where to get some parts from or how to go about rebuiding the current chassis? I am willing to put the time and effort in myself but just need to source parts or materials. Thanks, Mark.
  14. Fiesta Flame LPG

    2004 Fiesta Flame. 1.4 16V with LPG conversion.