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  1. Speedo Mileage Illumination

    Ye mine do to, normal I think.
  2. Your Focus

    would of thought u would of known the car...lol
  3. Your Focus

    No john zetec m8, How ya doing fella? Hope the sony unit is still going strong?
  4. Your Focus

    Here's a couple pics of mine Has anyone else got seats like this in there's?????
  5. Zetec S Body Part Numbers

    Oh forgot to say the front grill in the bumper is also different and can be changed.
  6. Zetec S Body Part Numbers

    Hi peeps i have looked into this and found out that the bodykit what is on the zetec s is add on bits, So all you would need is front spliter side skirts and the rear diffuser, all parts can be bought seperately from fords or ebay. Hope this help guys.
  7. Mine has the same clunk 1.8 2009 focus.
  8. Juddering And Lose Of Power

    No it's a 1.8 petrol
  9. By the looks for things there should be something bolt up to the oval shaped plastic thing, if that make any scene to ya???
  10. Engine Systems Fault

    I'd go for the split turbo 90 degree pipe, had a friends one go the same way as yours had a feel around the pipe and it had a inch split in it. Went to local ford dealer and got another one and 10 mins fitting it and it was fine.
  11. Juddering And Lose Of Power

    I've got the can on finance, and getting to the stage where i'm going to tell them to sort another car out cause i think i'm well within my rights to do that (ain't i)????
  12. Juddering And Lose Of Power

    Hi all Been having problems with my focus since i picked it up from the main dealer but they can't find it as there computer says NO!!! The problem i'm having is after driving the car for a while it losses power and start juddering while trying to pick up speed this is now starting to p*@s me off and really want to get it sorted so any help would be great. The car is a 1.8 zetec 2009.
  13. My Focus's

    My old silver focus 1.6 tdci and new 1.8 petrol zetec focus, what i can say i love um.....lol
  14. Pulling Back

    I don't know if this has been covered before (sorry if it has). While pulling away sometimes it seems quite lazy and going in 2nd and 3rd again sometimes it seem to hold back for a few seconds then it's off again. It was like it when i first got it but seemed to of cleared it's self but now it's back really want to get to the bottom of it without going to main dealer if poss.
  15. 01022010214.jpg