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  1. I know someone who has a brand new Audi A3 e-tron (company car).....currently getting 130mpg. Hes had it since early July and has only filled it up twice!
  2. did a quick bit of google'ing ......cant find diagram for mk2. Mine had come loose right at the rear of the car....bracket was still in place (attached to body work) but the exhaust had come away from the bracket so the garage just welded it back....said they didnt expect it to last very long..but that was back at the start of the year, so its doing ok. Im sure someone on here will be able to answer your question, sorry i cant be of more help
  3. mine came loose and i asked my local garage to try and weld it back on......which they did, only charged me a tenner. Gona need a new exhausted and bracket very soon anyway....still got original exhaust, cars done nearly 150k
  4. Im pleased to report im still averaging 51mpg with my 2005 2.0TDCI Saloon Titanium (no engine mods and non DPF model)...nearly 150k on the clock too. Long motorway runs it can achieve high 60s. Always use Shell V+Nitro and every 4-6 months stick a whole bottle of Redex in:-) Daily commute is about 22miles (110miles per week in total) mostly A roads
  5. I think your right mate, if you look in the specifications next to 'road legal' its just blank...so i guess that means this particular LED bulb is not road legal. Still tempted to get em and switch em out when due for MOT.....if they are any good
  6. Someone out there must have these fitted?
  7. afternoon chaps, Just curious as to whether anyone has fitted these http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/382-ultimate-canbus-92-smd-led-bulb.html to their Focus for tail/brake lights? Are they any good? too bright? Do they work correctly? any flicker on start up? Would it be an MOT failure with these led bulbs? I noticed that there are 3 different types of this led bulb....one has 92 led's inside it (which is the one i was thinking of going for), the other has 60 led's and the third has 27 led's. Has anyone fitted these?
  8. Yep you were spot on jeebowhite...was indeed a 42mm:-) thanks for your help. Converted all my interior lights to bright white LED's now except the footwell lights
  9. Thanks for ya help guys, stuck the new badge on yesterday. All went very smoothly, pretty much did what you guys said..masked off around badge...heated (carefully) with hairdryer, used dental floss in a gental sawing motion to get old badge off..cleaned the area with bug remover, then washed it throughly, lightly dried with hairdryer just to make sure was totally dry then placed new badge on...was easier than i thought :)
  10. Thanks for the responce jeebowhite.....i think you are right. From the websites ive looked at 42mm seem to be the biggest LED festoon bulb you can get. I guess i should double check by taking the standard bulb that is in there now out and measurIng it before i order anything. Ive replaced my number plate bulbs with LED lights but im sure they were 36mm and they were too small to fit rear interior. Its gota be 42mm for the rear interior. Its annoying with the MK2 Saloon Titanium cos a lot of parts for it are just slightly different from the standard hatch MK2 Focus's. Does seem to have more in common with the titanium c-max/s-max
  11. Ive replaced all my interior lights with LED bulbs except for the rear dome light. Can anyone help me identify the type of festoon LED bulb i will need for the dome light in the rear ceiling on my mk2 Focus Saloon? I replaced the front one fine and assumed the rear light would be same as the front but its not...the bulb in the rear is about twice the size of the one in the front! cheers
  12. nice one, yeah will do..might mask off area around badge before use hairdryer
  13. thanks for the tip mate. Should i use a hairdryer to heat it up a bit will that make it any easier to remove?
  14. Morning all, Its been bugging me for a while now so decided to replace my water damaged TDCI badge on rear of my 2005 Focus Saloon. Bought the badge direct from fordparts (£11) the other day. Before i rip the old one off i just wanted to double check how i should go about it? Will the new badge just stick straight on? Should i use a hairdryer to heat and then remove the old badge with pliers wrapped in cloth? Do i then need to prepare the surface eg clean off any residue from the old badge? Once prepped just stick the new one straight on? cheers
  15. APJ


    2005 Ford Focus Titanium 2.0 TDCI Saloon (non DPF), 134bhp..251lbs-ft. 136k on the clock. Currently getting 55mpg. Average speed is reading 34mph. My daily commute is about 10 miles each way on mostly A and B roads..only a tiny bit of town centre driving. I do use Shell V-Power Nitro+ diesel....and 6th gear as often as possible:-)