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  1. 2006 Ford Fiestra

    I wouldn't have thought an ABS module would do what you're experiencing, but the ABS module is located on the nearside behind/ below the battery and it not a bolt off bolt on job, you will need to bleed the brakes very well, preferably with the Ford ABS service bleed function on IDS. Do you have any fault codes? I would be looking more at wiring - possibly loose earth or loose connector somewhere.
  2. Glove Box

    what car is it, most fords if you lower the glovebox and unclip it so it hangs down then twist the damper about 45 degrees then it will come out
  3. No Indicator Ticking

    depends on what year it is, if its 2007 on- the "ticking" is in the cluster if its quiet then unfortunatly its a new cluster.
  4. Mondeo 2011 Obdii Connector

    OBD plug is on the right hand side of the dash, open the little storage box then above that you'll see a little cover the obd plug is behind that. But you don't need to connect a scanner to reset service light. Turn ignition to ON (don't start the engine) then push the brake and accelerator down together and hold it down for about 30 to 45 seconds the display in the cluster will say "service reset in progress" then after a few seconds it will say "service reset complete" release pedals and the service light will be reset
  5. Hand Brake

    do you have drum brakes? if so the handbrakes are quite stiff and in my opinion not very good. you could have the rear brakes adjusted at a ford dealer as there is a proceedure to set them up, it doesn't always work but usually makes some improvement. Try push the foot brake then pull up the handbrake.
  6. Radio

    asuming that you have 4 flat pins that are tapered on one side at the end, insert the tapered ends into the slots on each corner with the taper facing inwards and flat edge on the outside then pull the pins outward while pulling the radio out, if you get it wrong you may damage the clips that hold the radio in and it will be very difficult to get it out.
  7. Reversing Light

    replacing the switch is a much cheaper option, the reverse light is NOT part of a MOT it does not need it for an MOT at worst the tester could do a manual advisory.
  8. it may be a simple PCM update or maybe other sensors causing your problems, take your car to your local ford dealer and they should be able to diagnose it correctly.
  9. If there is a button with a picture on the Indicator stalk then the car will have bluetooth if there is no button then no bluetooth, bluetooth was optional on earlier models.
  10. You could try unplug the radio or disconnect the battery for a few minutes this may reset the radio, but make sure you have the radio code. If it doesn't work go to your local ford dealer andd they could give you a quote to have it repaired or replaced or try a good In Car Entertainment and Security Specialist they could remove the radio and have it repaired.
  11. Car Lacks Power

    First of all what model and engine size do you have, if you can check to see if there are any stored fault codes, if not check fuel pump pressure