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  1. Incredibly Stupid Design

    As a "Mod", you should be ashamed of this reply and reconsider your position. Just because you do not agree, does not give you the right to be insulting. If you read the entire thread, you will find at a certain point, it became personal and several FMs seem to enjoy it. You as a Moderator should have been doing your job and watching out for such posts instead of openly posting a rude, personal rebuke. This is meant to be a Ford forum and not a forum for a few mates who hold the same opinion. As I said, you should consider your position as a moderator.
  2. Incredibly Stupid Design

    How difficult can it be? The pumps are different colours, they have the type of fuel in LARGE letters on the pumps and they smell different. I too used to drive different vehicles on the same day, diesel, petrol and two stroke, but even as an a decrepit OAP, I have never mixed up my fuels. If the cap was not a problem, there would not be so many forums discussing it. And as I linked, Ford themselves have admitted it is a problem and are offering a retro fix. I know that some FMs like to have a go at the OPs of threads they do not agree with, but this is a universal issue that Ford admit.
  3. Incredibly Stupid Design

    Firstly, anyone who cannot tell the difference between petrol and diesel should not be filling up cars. Secondly, you are driving a diesel car which is totally different to the 1.4 petrol auto. Had Ford offered a diesel auto, that would have been a very different story. And as I am not alone in having these problems,(it is a problem world wide that has prompted Ford to admit the issue and offer a retro fit lockable fuel cap) it seems a fair topic to discuss. I am however happy that you do not have any problems with your Fiesta. It is always good to see people satisfied with their choice.
  4. Incredibly Stupid Design

    There is one more point that adds to my argument about the design and that is the growing number of Fiesta owners who are having trouble filling the fuel tanks due to this design. There is a very good thread on this and it seems that Fords answer is to only put the nozzle in as far as the second ridge and wait 10 seconds after fueling before removing it. Doesn't seem like and "easyfuel" to me. I think that for one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Ford could have done a lot better than they did and I feel justified in posting my comments on it. So far and 6,500 miles into its first year, when my wife lets me drive it I have no complaints apart from the fuel cap. I have yet to test the infamous alloy wheels as we have had on metal ones for the winter, but after all of the warnings on this forum, my wife and I will be driving very carefully around the potholes of Yorkshire. For a small run around, it is an ideal car and even as a long distance tourer, it is comfortable and roomy if not very frugal.
  5. Fiesta Mk7 'spare Wheel' Size

    Don't worry. The alloys are low profile and the spare is high profile. The difference in diameter is almost negligible. And as another FM said, it is only designed to get you to the nearest garage/home at under 50MPH.
  6. Dab Radios

    At this moment in time, anyone thinking of buying or up-grading to DAB (in car) for quality reasons should think twice. There seems to be a thought process that thinks digital = quality. Not always so. It depends on the bandwidth available, the digital format used and the power output from the transmitting station. DAB radio signals are "compressed", so that lots of stations can be squeezed into the available bandwidth. Because of this compression, some stations on DAB are not in as good a quality as on FM. In particular, the BBC stations are transmitted on a low bit rate to squeeze their range of stations into the available space. Making matters worse will be the fact that more local stations covering smaller areas will appear meaning the station you are listening to will "drop" much quicker than at present. And a final thought, coming soon is DAB+, which will replace the existing DAB format in use in the UK. If you're thinking of buying a DAB radio, consider one that supports DAB+, or can be upgraded via a software update. Like buying a TV (Plasma then LCD now LED), it is best to wait for a while and see what happens over the next few years.
  7. Bad Fuel Consumption

    Sounds about right. It does seem that the smaller engined cars are not as good as the 1.6 or diesels. There are many threads on Fiesta MPG. Some posts are very informative and others just argumentative. The Fiesta is not the most economical of cars but it does have its plus points. You have to sort out the wheat from the chaff in these threads. Best advice I have read or heard is to ensure that your tyres are at the correct pressure, do not carry any surplus to requirement weight, if you are driving a manual, use the gears to slow down (if possible) rather than the brakes and avoid heavy accelerating. All basic stuff I know, but with the price of fuel going sky high, as Tesco say, "every little helps". Good luck.
  8. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Ford no longer show the various urban/rural estimates and only offer a combined mileage. By your own words, they are achieved under conditions that the normal motorist cannot achieve and are therefor by definition, optimistic. Nowhere do Fords state that these mileages were achieved on a rolling road. I find it both amusing and aggravating that you have nothing to offer to these threads but just criticize other FMs opinions. I like to hear what other Fiesta owners achieve for their various models and what they have to add to the thread even if you find this subject "boring".
  9. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Most sensible figures I have seen posted. I would concur with your findings. (although I have never raced the car) On reading the other Ford forums and sites, it would appear that Fords are more optimistic than most with their claims. I always managed to beat the Mercedes and LandRover figures by a few MPG but have never come anywhere near the Ford ones. It's by questioning the manufacturers figures that we see the real picture offered by owners and can make a valued judgment. It has been interesting looking at the posts on the other Ford forums to see that the MPG for most models in the range are often questioned by their owners. Nice to get informative feedback.
  10. Fuel Light Help

    It is generally accepted by those who know about cars that running a fuel tank low is a very dangerous game to play. The sediment issue is a bit of a red herring although it can cause problems. The main reason is the overheating of the fuel pump. The following links explain it much clearer than I can. http://tankonempty.com/viewstory/71 http://tankonempty.com/viewstory/99 http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100919134226AABWIXt Hope this is useful.
  11. Mk7 Brakes

    Not sure how old your car is, but as you have the same model as ours, it may make you feel better to say we had the same problem until about the 5000 mile mark when the brakes stopped creaking. We also use the bake when starting to prevent creep back. A no start without pressure on the brake would have been a good idea. As a preference, I use the sequential to slow the car down instead of the brake. My wife is confused by this action but I find it the best method.
  12. Incredibly Stupid Design

    Once the part arrives I will let you know. In the meantime, I have researched other owners on various sites who have the same problem. It would appear that the locking cap being sold by Ford North America only fits the US cars. The rim is slightly different due to different pump nozzle dimensions. Ho hum, its a wait and see situation but it is definitely a world wide issue, even as far as Asia.
  13. Incredibly Stupid Design

    And that is as near as they will ever come to admitting a mistake. They have announced that the capless will be on all future models so they have to stick with it.
  14. Ac Confunsion

    Basically, you are equalising the temperatures on the inside and outside when you use the cold AC to clear the screen. The only other alternative is to use the de-mist on full blast and roast to death.
  15. Sensible post. You are right, it is not my car and as long as my wife likes it, that's all that matters. I just have trouble getting used to not being the one who decides what car to buy now we are retired. I agree on the gearing, It would be easier if I just used the sequential and pushed the revs but that would make the MPG even worse.