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  1. Who needs to wash their hair when you have a sunroof about as waterproof as the Titanic!

  2. Newbie Says Hi

    Hi there! I am a newbie to this forum so just thought i'd say hi. I own a 1994 MK3 Granada Scorpio 2.0 Auto. Had it for 3 years now. I'll probably be around a bit as I'm planning on keeping the car on the road for as long as possible but it has just about every Granada electrical fault known and possibly a few unique ones too! So at some point i'll be asking lots of questions. But for now, it's just a quick hi. (and my first mechanical problem on another forum! ahem). See you soon. FozzyBear
  3. Hi Just joined and can't seem to find my problem in your problem - in your forum. I'm probably not searching right! Hopefully you can help please. I have a 1994 Granada Scorpio 2.0i auto. My doors lock but take about 10-15 mins to unlock with lots of jiggling (and cursing). Same with spare key and does both side. (Hatch just doesnt lock or unlock with a key and hasnt since i got it - made a bit worse by an unfortunately reverse argument with a light pole) Anyway, i have been doing a bit of research and come across Door Lock repair Kits. Firstly are they any good? Secondly, i have come across several sites which say that Door Lock Barrels for most fords from this time are built the same and an Escort will fit a Granada, Mondeo, Sierra etc. Is this true? Could i just get a lock barrel from an Escort or Mondeo and fit it? And thirdly, if so, I should be able to buy a lock repair kit for an Escort which is about half the price of the Granada on ebay? Any help, advice would be appreciated especially if it saves me money! many thanks in advance FozzyBear