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  1. Is It Normal To Use Oil

    So a oil change and run 5w/40 fully syn? That can b done with out to much trouble. I thinking an engine swap to a lower milage engine is there many 1.6 zetec lumps about iv seen loads in car breakers??
  2. Is It Normal To Use Oil

    No the only smoke I get is White while the car is warming up once at temp there's nowt even had a mate follow me on a back road blast and motor way and nothing. That's what throwing me where is the oil going My next step when I go back to work is clean the engine best I can so I can see if there is any leaks (I've not seen any before) Then I stuck for ideas!
  3. Is It Normal To Use Oil

    Cheers mate See I whacked bout 5 litres in over 2mths mayb longer and this is after a service. I'm not getting excessive smoke or exhaust that smells of oil! I have been using halfords 5w30 for fords in it don't know if it prone to burning? There's no obvious leaks when I've had it parked for a while or up the ramps at work??? Could it b piston rings passing or where else could it go?
  4. Hi all Do high milage mk1's use oil?? Mine has 122k on the clock now and I feel like I'm always topping it up it's not using coolant at all?? Any thoughts
  5. Looking For Alloys

    Prob not now mate sorry. I've just got a mk2 golf gti that im doing a engine swap in to a 20vt so I'm pumping my funds into that now.
  6. Smoking Mk1

    I don't know if the marks are there but I'm quite used to doing the light gun timing on big diesel generators at work old school but good job! For the mean time I'm going to all monitor fluid levels every day until next wk when I can get a ramp and some time to do a timing check. @LaimZetec No probs starting or running even when I had a full car of rugby mates. I may b wrong but if the mechanic had oily gloves/hands and that got onto the end of the plug it could of just been burning off?? Or am I thinking crap? Thanks for all the input guys much appreciated.
  7. Smoking Mk1

    Yea that's what I thought it was at first but this was after a 2 hour drive and parking at HMS Sulatn I first noticed it, but like I said it seams to of stoped now! Could I do a timing check myself I have the use of the 'car club' think they have most stuff like that got all the normal car garage stuff, or best checked by a garage?
  8. Looking For Alloys

    I haven't got any for sale sorry was just Thinking the ones on mine r curbed all over the place.
  9. Valeting

    I spent bout 2 hours washing, polishing, waxing my car this wknd it's a green 5 door mk1 that's done 120k miles but I get a certain amount of satisfaction from doing it myself. It's not hard but a nice feeling after. IMO.
  10. Looking For Alloys

    What alloys have u got on ur mk1 standard or something else? r they damaged?
  11. Smoking Mk1

    Yea on reflection silly thing to think but the smoke doesn't seam to be as bad/hardly noticeable Now so could it of been something like grease/muck on the spark plugs that's now burnt off? Still a good idea to get the timing checked? Is it a long job to check the timing?
  12. Smoking Mk1

    Oil and water levels are constant checked most wks. Would it b a waste of time taking back to the garage I got the belt done at? If the timing was not correct could 'kick off' at the garage?
  13. Smoking Mk1

    I didn't notice the White smoke before to be honest! It's getting taken back on Monday What's the smog test all about never herd that before!! It's had a mot straint after the timing being done and on the emissions test there nothing out of the normal.
  14. Smoking Mk1

    Hi all. Just had my timing belt done after 119k on the same belt as well as the aux belt. But I have noticed that the car is smoking from the exhaust even after driving from Milton Keynes to Portsmouth! The smoke is White and does not smell. Is this normal should I take it back to the garage or is it something bad like piston rings (I have just started to monitor oil levels on normal driving) Any help much appreciated Pid.
  15. Timing Belt - Focus 2008

    My mk1 had the timing belt changed Wednesday just gone 119 miles on it and no sign of it being changed on the papers, after the garage changed it there was a hole about the size of a 5p in it and many places where the groves we're missing, as with the aux belt. Worth getting it done before the "due time" if the money is there.