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  1. Clocks Go Back... But...

    Dude I am having the same dilemma!!!
  2. Cheers Dude!!...A sure will get some pics up as soon as jobs done!. thanks for the advise gonna use ur fitting guide as reference when fitting thanks again

  3. Hey, thanks for that I have just ordered some Kaylan ones fro torquesteer so am now just hoping the fitting will go well. many thanks again dude.

  4. Hi dude! any chance you could help me I am in need of some serious advise regarding mudflaps looking at your post n pics your car is amazing and a think the flaps look really cool!...can you help me I am after these exact ones. many thanks martin

  5. A would like to attened a meet but can`t find any thing on them can anyone advise? cheers
  6. When A Red One Met A White One

    Amazing pics dudes!! the red one looks good lowered! :))
  7. Fiesta Zetec-S Mud Flaps???

    Cheers sarah am gonna get them from performance creations me friend works for m-sport rally so he said he will fit them so ne worries there! what colour do u rekon am fancying blue!.
  8. Mud Flaps ?!?!?!?!?!?! :

  9. hey! am just wondering where you got your white mud flaps from?? they seem to really finish the car off! thanks for your time dude.

  10. Iphone 4

    Iphone 4 works amazingly good i just use it for the phone and have all mu music on usb pen drives which i just keep in the car i find this much easier than the bluetooth streaming a find the quality isn't all that good.
  11. So I have just purchased a 2010 fiesta zetec-s tdci in white, but when looking at the car today I thought it looked bare without mud flaps and when I have searched it on google I have found performance creations but am not sure so can any one advise me on this?? Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks Guys n Girls Martin