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  1. I think I had the same problem. My car would drive ok until I hit a round about and would want to switch between 2nd and 3rd gears and stay in between and then would not kick into gear quickly. Then kind of slow down a bit. I broke down when I was going down a road and when it was time to go from 2nd to third it slowed down and stopped. The dash was not reading gears or even starting. You guys think its the actuater?
  2. Ok here is my problem and what I know so far.. While car is in motion, going from 2nd to 3rd gear.. it hangs, for a little bit and then catches on 3rd gear. It feels like it stops and continues to roll on until it catches the next gear up. Seemed to happen at the roundabout everytime. Then driving down the road it stopped between 2nd and 3rd gear and just rolled on until it made a complete stop. Did not start and when I turned the key, the gear indicator didnt have an N or R or 1, 2, 3.. it was blank. ok then i read on the hayes book it could be the gearshift actuator or clutch actuator as it send signals back and forth and make the car switch between gears. I called a Ford dealer and then told me £400 for gearshift actuator and £1200 for clutch actuator. I can try to fix it on my own as I am keen and was quoted £100 for the actuator, in used condition. can anyone help me???
  3. headlamps and water pump

    thanks... i will check that out and see how i can tighten my own belt.... what tool should i use to tighten the belt?? im a newbie at it.... my car is a 53 reg fiesta.... 1.4 LX semi auto.... im kinda hesitant to change the water pump and just go ahead and do the tighten of the belt because it has only done 15700 miles.. thats like average 3200 miles per year since it first registered........ cant be the water pump right??
  4. headlamps and water pump

    how much would that cost me??? the whole thing??? mabe ur right... maybe is just the belt.... its been making that noise for like 3 months now... and it hasnt gotten worse or anything.. no leaks... no water under the bonnet...... could it be just the belt?? needs tightening??
  5. I need some advice. I own a 53 reg fiesta. the front motor of the front headlamp is stuck or not working. it makes a studder noise as if the motor is jammed when i turn on the lights. i was told by a garage to get new ones. i saw a mk6 fiesta with mk7 headlamps. is that possible? also they told me my water pump needs to be replaced. my car was making kinda like a sqweeky noise after being driven for like 10 minutes and especially after i drive for a long time.... the noise gets louder... they told me water pump..... how much would that cost to fix?? and has anyone ever done it themselves?? i was thinking of doing myself.... can anyone give me advice??