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    mk7 fiesta 1.6 tdci titanium
  1. Just wondering if any one is interested in a group buy for a diesel tuning box They are made by DTS tuning and are highly rated by most diesel tuning forums e.g vauxhall vectra forum , bmw forum . The reason behind getting a tuning box is so it can be removed if it goes in for work under warranty or a service as it cannot be traced and your warranty will still be intact. It just plugs into the car's engine loom and away you go no cutting wires just plug it into the sensors on the engine and it is done . This saves having to take the ecu out that are difficult on the new mk7 as they have a security shear bolt and the units are interchangeable between other vehicles if you decide to get a new car just send it off to the HQ and they will upload a new map for your new car. It has a performance dial on , meaning you can increase the performance or decrease it to your liking the price for one of these boxes is £295 but if we get 10 or more people to buy i think we will be able to get them for 230 each so if any one is interested put your name down link to website have a read and see what you think http://www.dieseltuner.co.uk/ford_diesel_tuning.html 1 tez1990 mk7 fiesta 1.6 tdci 59 plate 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  2. Bodykit For New Fiesta

    it has being photoshoped
  3. Fiesta Titanium Lowering

    im buying some springs for my 1.6 tdci titanium just wondering will it drop by the same amount as the zetec s and what are the best springs remembering i want my warranty to still be intact and do eibach do any 35mm springs that are ford approved ?
  4. Mk7 Rust Help Needed

    i was cleaning my car out today and in the drivers footwell i noticed this rust it looks like it is the steering rack but it also looks like it is starting to corrode the shell aswell around it . any help what should i do ?
  5. Mountune Stage 2 For The Mk7 Z-S

    they will be doing a performance package for the diesel mk7 as there is a big market for them to tap into i emailed them and got a reply from one of the top guy at mountune and he said yes there will be in the future
  6. 1.4 Petrol Vs 1.4 Diesel

    personally i would go for the 1.6 tdci you have that extra torque over the 1.4 diesel and i am averaging 55 mpg
  7. Zetec S, Titanium, Diesel Or Petrol

    i have bought a titanium tdci with full dress up kit on and all the extras i can say it is worth it the car is outstanding and them little extra toys do make driving better . also the titanium tdci holds it value better then other models
  8. just wondering at the minute there are not many remaps available for the mk7 fiesta tdci so i was thinking about getting a tuning box what are people's thoughts on these are they any good and is the performance much better and do they damage the engine in any way over a long period of time cheers this is the website where i think i will get it from http://www.tuningbox.com/ANG/p1.ang.php