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  1. Removing Number Plates

    ps: Starfield I always find adding quite a few washers to raise the plate from the tailgate just enough to put razor blades snapped in half and glued to the back of the plate works well if you know what i mean ;) just dont forget you put them there :)
  2. Removing Number Plates

    Starfield I know what you mean, dont worry about the nut falling into the tail gate causing u to take the trim off and hunt for it, that's not gonna happen because the nut on the other side is presswelded to the tailgate its-self so no worries :)
  3. Bg 244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

    lol shares Heres the link: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/i.html?_kw=BG&_kw=244&_kw=DIESEL&_kw=INJECTOR Is your car petrol or diesel ? If its petrol you will need BG44 Actually i do sound like a BG rep lol, you never know i might get a job out of this haha.
  4. Bg 244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

    heyyyyy catch I have had BG244 in the tank for three days now and i can defo say its worth every penny and does what the tin says, my car runs smoother starts better and the engine note is considerably quieter. Im well pleased with this product and will be using it once a year from now on :) lets hope you get similar results, i don't see why not and im sure you will be glad you bought a tin. Let me know what you think its a big thumbs up for me.
  5. What Would You Be Driving If Not A Focus?

    Audi A4 s-line is our other car on a 08 plate, and to be honest yeh its very nice but costs a fortune to run and maintain compared to my focus, which is why the Audi is my wifes run around town car and for weekends, and not the work horse.
  6. Tdci Tuning Boxes

    Hi Jeebowhite Thanks for your advice and info at the start of this thread, to be honest if you hadn't have said what you did which prompted me to think on i probably would have gone for a remap at nearly three times the price i paid, don't get me wrong im not knocking remaps it just so happened that one of these boxes was the best option for me, so thanks again mate.
  7. Bg 244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

    heyyy catch lol........ ebay is great for this sort of thing and always worth a look :) i use a full tank in a week and a half so i will let u know if its worth the quite heafty price tag, im expexting it to arrive hopefully in the morning and its going straight in. Enjoy your holiday mate, will keep you posted.
  8. Bg 244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

    Hi catch Firstly ......... lol i have seen that spoof interview haha. I too did a bit of reasearch on this stuff and i couldnt find one single bad review or down side anywhere, so tomorrow im going to buy a tin from ebay :) let me know how you get on when you have used it and i will do the same.
  9. Tdci Tuning Boxes

    Hi Jeebowhite Yes matey well pleased with it, i hardly have to touch the accelerator and it pulls with ease, just like i was on half throttle before. After four days or so i can already see the MPG has got better, not by much but still its better about 4 MPG to what it was before (driving normally of course), i couldn't resist flooring it the other day though just to see how it behaves on full throttle and i can tell you it was unbelievable with no smoke what so ever, im glad i did some research before i bought one of these boxes as there is allot of variation of these things out there and things could have been very different, as you know the digital/constant real time monitoring boxes are the best as they adapt to your driving style where as others just pump in more fuel regardless. I have the box set smack in the middle not for full performance or not for pure economy so its about right i think and doesn't put too much strain on any other components, so if any one is thinking of going for one of these boxes i can strongly recommend TDI tuning.
  10. Tdci Tuning Boxes

    yep no probs, here it is :-) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-Focus-TDCI-Diesel-Tuning-Box-Chip-/230579995671?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item35afa38417#ht_2572wt_958
  11. Tdci Tuning Boxes

    Hi Guys Just thought to give a little feed back as i have after much thought i purchased a tuning box from ebay with a full money back guarantee if not satisfied with the product i just couldn't resist giving it a go just to see if they are any good or not as i know i can get a refund if needed, it cost £95.99 including p+p and is called TDI Tuning box, its been on the car for two days now and im glad i took the chance because it is very very good, i didn't think the engine in my car was rough at all to begin with but now this thing is on it is silky smooth in idling acceleration and absolutely no flat spots at all it just keeps on pulling throughout the entire rev range and that's not to mention the increase in the power and torque which was instantly noticeable, i am well pleased with this product and i will not be returning it that's for sure. ps: its not been on the car long enough to notice any mpg improvements or not as im monitoring it at the mo , but to be honest i really dont care :-)
  12. Hi Guys Im thinking of buying a tin of BG 244 diesel fuel system cleaner as it boasts to be the very best available on the market today, and completely removes any trace of carbon build up throughout the combustion process on any component involved and will restore the engine as if was brand new, has anyone used this stuff or even heard of it ?
  13. Tdci Tuning Boxes

    193 bhp n 292 ib/fb wow Thats impressive, will defo check them out later, thanks for that i have decided to go for the remap one way or another now, will let u know the out come :-)
  14. Tdci Tuning Boxes

    Ok thanks for that, your right i know a remap is really the only option was just curious i guess. Thanks again
  15. Mk1 Focus Egr Valve Help

    Petrol and diesel turbo engines have EGR valves in most cases, regarding the wynnes egr cleaner from ebay i can vouch for this stuff i have used it myself on my focus on my dads peaugeot 206 (both cars turbo diesels)and it works a treat.