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  1. Fiesta Space Saver Tyre Pressure

    Have you tried looking at the tire? As far as I know, all consumer based tires say what the max PSI should be.
  2. Front And Rear Fiesta Rubber Mats

    There are also these, although it doesn't say Fiesta on it. http://www.weathertech.com/store/mvproduct.aspx?ItemGroupId=52&VehId=1425&Year=2011&VehOptChoiceIds=694 Looks like nice protection to have during bad months for weather when you are likely to track mud and water into your car often. Or if you go to the beach a lot.
  3. Canadian Fiesta Vs Uk Fiesta

    Most states require you have a front plate, there are a few that don't. I think one or more state (probably California) even stipulates how high off the ground the plate has to be, which is probably why Ford put the plate in such an ugly manner on the Fiesta. Usually car makers build it to California specs, because if it's within specs in Cali, it's within specs for all other states. They use to do models for just California and then another for all other states, but now it's all built to California regs, which pisses everyone else off because it really limits the car. Think it's the main reason why we don't have small diesel cars in the US....nearly all of them do not pass California emissions standards. I think you are required to have front plates here because of traffic cameras and radar guns for measuring speed. For the radar gun, the cops aim at the plate because it is a flat area and gives the best return. For the camera, if you cross on a red, cameras usually have a better chance of catching you off the front plates or just doubles the chance. Can't really think of any other reasons why you must have a front plate. I don't have a front plate on my bimmer. Haven't for over a year now and never gotten pulled over. Also have illegal tint. Mostly, if you're an adult and look like a fine upstanding citizen and you didn't go too crazy or are too obvious, the cops don't nitpick you. If you are some kid or you're thuggish looking, that might be a different story. It's like going 5MPH over the speed limit. No cop will actually pull you over for that, unless he wants to pull you over to investigate other things and is using that as an excuse or he is bored out of his mind and is in a bad mood.
  4. Matt Black Vinyl Wrap!

    I like matte orange better
  5. Getting Windows Tinted

    I tinted mine 40% ceramic on all windows except the windshield. This is what that looks like from different angles and lighting. I will do 50% or 70% on the windshield. 50% is barely noticeable and many people will have to look hard and be thinking about it to realize it is tinted. 70% looks straight up clear and no one will think it is tinted. The reasons to do it is for UV protection and actual heat reduction, but if you're not using ceramic or metallic tints, then it's a moot point to do 70%. Not sure the cheap dyed tints even do 70% because it'd be kinda pointless considering all those tints are good for is appearance. Not a Fiesta, but my bimmer with 30% ceramic on all windows. Windshield has 50% ceramic. I feel it looks too dark for me. At some angles it looks like it is light, but in person it just looks too dark most of the time. I like my choice for % on the Fiesta much better. Also......I have slammed the hell out of the bimmer since these pics, looks so much better now that it is lowered.
  6. Aftermarket Stereos??

    My Fiesta came with alot of things that spoiled me. Mainly the satellite radio. I ended up opting to have satellite radio on my phone as part of my package for the Fiesta and then had to figure out a way to play it in my other car. My other car has AUX input, but that is such a mess. Decided to try a bluetooth receiver adapter as well as an FM transmitter that also is a bluetooth receiver. This is the Bluetooth receiver I picked. You need an aux for it, but some of you guys might have an AUX, but no bluetooth which the problem with my other car. This is so I can stream Sirius radio and Pandora from my phone to my car's stereo that doesn't have bluetooth itself. http://www.amazon.com/BlackBerry-Remote-Stereo-Bluetooth-Gateway/dp/B00170KUM0/ref=pd_cp_cps_1 This is the FM transmitter I got, because I was looking for a nice gooseneck cradle for my phone that plugs into the lighter plug. The fact it also can transmit FM is a plus if I ever wanted to use my ipod classic in the car. If you don't have an AUX or bluetooth, this is probably a good alternative. From the reviews, sounds like sound quality is good. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0038L495U Was tempted to get this one http://www.amazon.com/Transmitter-Hands-Free-Capability-Blackberry-Smartphones/dp/B003PPGOC0/ref=pd_cp_e_1 or this one to use my phone hands free, but the first one I linked sounds like it's solid for doing music streaming and that's mainly what I wanted. http://www.amazon.com/Scosche-motorMOUTH-Bluetooth-Handsfree-Streaming/dp/B0036ORN2U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1302040556&sr=8-1
  7. Canadian Fiesta Vs Uk Fiesta

    Glad someone realizes this. Flex sits real low to the ground and is very long and is more like a squared off version of station wagons from the 50s-80s. When mini-vans started coming out, these station wagons kinda went away. Nothing like a Range Rover. If any Ford is copying the Range Rover, you could say the Ford Bronco is, except the first Bronco was made in 1966 and the first Range Rover was in 1970. I think the only other manufacturer that had similar vehicles was Toyota with the FJ5x series and that was in 1967 cause I don't think it took them long to redesign the FJ4x's to a 50 series once they caught wind of the Bronco. So yeah, pretty sure Ford is original here in this case. Although I do like the Land Cruiser over Ford and Range Rover anyway. In regards to the front of the North American Fiesta to the European Fiesta, yeah....most of us prefer the euro version. Personally though, I like our LED light bezel over the round fog lights.....although I wish we had fog lights in addition to the LED bezel. I am hoping they come out with a bezel that incorporates fog lights so that we aren't just adding those lights into the grill area. Also, the front of the Fiesta here is really ruined because of our license plates placement. I have taken mine off and lowered it slightly so that it off the body line completely. It does improve the looks and I am not sure why Ford didn't do it this way from the factory. Not my car since I have no good pics of the front and I haven't gotten around to putting my kit on yet anyway, but some vinyl applied under the headlights and the bottom of the upper grill.
  8. Rims For Fiesta

    205/40/17 are specs for tires....or tyres. The 205 would be width of the tire in MMs, the 40 is sidewall height (40% of 205mm in this case) and the 17 is for the size rim it goes on....in inches. For rims, you need to be concerned with lug pattern, size (diameter and width) and offset. Offset is where the rim's hub lines up with its center line. I think most 17"x7" rims with offset @42 will work, but don't take my word for it. I have one set of 17" rims with a 45mm offset and it does not rub. I have another set of 17" rims with a 40mm offset and it does not rub. I am no expert on the matter and only kinda read up on it when purchasing the rims, but I think the lower the offset, the more pushed out the rim is and the higher the offset, the more sucked in it is. Like my 17"(diameter)x7"(width) et45 set...where the wheels attach to the hub, has the tire pulled more in towards the suspension, while my set that were et40 was pushing the tires out towards the wheel wells edges. This is important because you don't want this number to be off to the point that you rub either on your suspension or your wheel wells. Rim size is just diameter and width. Easy enough. I don't think you want to go over 7" for width. I have seen people do 8" on the Fiesta, but that is stretching the tire in order to keep it from rubbing. Just keep it simple and don't get a rim wider then 7". Possibly 7.5" will be fine too, depending on the offset. Seen 18" diameter rims fitted and they are fine, but they just look kinda too big for the car to me. Lug pattern is 4x108 for the Fiesta. 4 is referring to the number of lugnuts/holes and 108 is referring to the spacing/pattern. It has to be 4x108 otherwise it will not line up with the lug patern on the car's hubs.
  9. Wheel Upgrade

    You can put 18's on. I thought it over for a while and decided in the end 18's are too big for this car and went 17's. Google H&R Ford Fiesta to see a Fiesta with 18's. Their Fiesta looks great with the 18's, but some angles, it really looks too big. I painted mine black, because that is what I like. Some people don't like it. And that is fine unless they don't understand the world does not revolve around their opinion.
  10. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    Just searched on the UK regional section of a BMW site I use alot and wow.........they think BMW must have made bad wheels or used shody material or had a bad batch because they also feel like they have an "unusual" amount of buckled wheels. There is even a 17 page thread trying to sue BMW to replace "bad" wheels.
  11. Fiesta MK7 Mobile Navigation

    That is very neat. Any idea how you input directions to it? Does it work in conjucntion with Ford's Sync/cell phone nav system? We have sync here and it's nice, but it does not give a visual representation of directions or an idea of what turn is coming up till you're just about there. Also, I don't think you'll be hacking into the system to get maps for anything that isn't already there working since all the cell phone does is tells Ford navigation servers where you are so that that system can send you the directions. It doesn't actually use the cell phone for anything other then finding your position.
  12. Fiesta Mk7 'rear Privacy Glass'

    Ammonia....never clean tint with ammonia. Make sure you only use ammonia free cleaners. Go to your dealer and look at how things were itemized. It should show exactly how they get the car from the factory, before anything else is done to it. Unless you ordered the car directly from the factory yourself without a dealer doing the leg work for you, just because it was an option durring the build doesn't mean the dealership isn't going to send out the car to the lowest bidder to slap some tint on before they turn it over to you.
  13. An Interest To Keithc

    I drive a bimmer and the Fiesta. I get cockblocked alot when I am in the bimmer. If I am trying to pass someone in the next lane before coming up to a much slower moving car in my lane while in my bimmer, people will speed up to prevent me from passing and then slow back down. This rarely happens in my Fiesta, I am simply allowed to pass. When I see someone is trying to block me in, I usually drop gears and stomp on the gas and zip by them and jump in front of them rudely. Almost never are the people who cockblock driving cars that can counter the speed increase as fast, so not much they can do. Which no doubt will lead to them saying BMW drivers are !Removed!. But if they didn't start any problems, ther wouldn't be any problems. Not sure about a test, but BMW does have a driving school in the US anyway and buying a new car usually comes with a slot in the class http://www.bmwusa.com/Standard/Content/Experience/Events/PDS/default.aspx?enc=/eiUrYOZAxtXbrazY6tfkmnueZmuSV+mTyz9vrTx7NgAWHnQOlwCL2SvLmcJJoamEu4NSSQxrBn5KCtYa5AbwfPwA9BnoT+E0Akh6uonznn76610XpyfRMMb1lmv0m9QIf2OvvQsG+9Dx86T6xGhQQ==
  14. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    Maybe the OP should get a tire setup like this Ford only allows us a 195/50 here. 205/40 gives up @.6" of sidewall, which doesn't sound like much, but when sidewalls @5" are considerd alot, then a half inch is giving up alot. All the negative comments I read here just tells me....don't drive around on pothole infested roads with low profile tires wrapped around aluminum rims and don't use summer tires in the snow. How that is a poor reflection on a cars design, I don't know. Sounds more like poor end-user choices. Although maybe if Ford only allowed you guys to have 60 or even 70 series profile tires as stock considering the road contitions, then all these headaches could have been avoided, but then the car would be ugly to look at. Look at the US fiesta's, damn thing looks like it's trying to be a 4x4 with how high it sits and the huge sidewall tires.
  15. Great Start To My Day....

    If it's like my 2011 US spec fiesta, then opening a door and closing it without locking it using the FOB (maybe the black square on the door handle works too) will not turn off all the lights. You'd think that all lights turn off eventually...which I guess is true because eventually the battery will die. No doubt they can fix this with a software update, but I havent't returned to my dealer to see about such things yet although I would have assumed that this problem has been addressed for any new cars, but I guess not.