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  1. Scrap Yards Rule

    lol... yeah, i agree christmas is comming he wont need any outdoor decorations just leave it on the drive with the lights on .. i just want practical lighting. i live in the countryside and want to see what im stepping into and with no street lights it gets dark. so finding anything if its on the floor is a nightmare
  2. Scrap Yards Rule

    checked out the instalation for the vanity lights no prob, cut square out feed wire back to interior/maplight take a permanant feed etc, wont need to remove/ crease head lining. have got front foot-wells already gonna plant the rear ones in the plastic door pillars at bottom. use the same loom for rear vanity/ reading lights taken from rear interior light. As for puddle lights... uhmmm well im thinking drilling a hole through the door about 12 inches down from lock inserting a blue or red led as warning to other drivers door is open etc. then on the interior door trim there's enough room to insert the same light fitting that gos into the passenger foot-well or a few leds just at the end of door pocket, im also thinking of trying to light the door pocket as i have no street lights where i park i can never see whet im looking for in the door pocket and i might as well do it when the door trim is removed. ( but thats still in the thinking stage). any advice on the door leds as i here the can be a nightmare if not done properly.
  3. Focus 1.8Td

    glad mines booked in for the cambelt friday, 84k and ten yrs old, feels like im on borrowed time..lol hope you get it sorted
  4. Squeaky Gear

    ok ill put a read through together for ya now remove the plastic trim that the leather gator is attached to lift the trim and gator up out of the way clean up and mess, dust etc, be careful not to got to hard as you dont want to damage anything. be aware that there are some important electrical stuff there. then add a few drops of light oil etc. work the gear stick until the squeak is gone (hopefully). there are a few other plastic linkages there if the squeak is coming from them u can always dab them a bit of oil/grease with a cotton bud. try not to use to much on the gearstick ball joint just a few drops and work the stick you dont want it swiming in oil just enough to reduce wear. hope this helps
  5. Scrap Yards Rule

    hacked, lol. yeah ive had a look it does feel like there is a space for them ive had a feel around and think i can feel a square, is there a lot of padding there? im also putting another 2 each side of rear passenger seats, as reading lights etc, just to the side of the handles, and 2 more foot well lights for the rear.( prob in the bottom of the plastic door pillars) has any 1 put in puddle lights? thinking of door edge led. so door can be seen when open and 1 underneath to light floor. just the front doors. will this amount of lights over load the relay? any thoughts
  6. Squeaky Gear

    hi zev. do you know what squeaks. is it inside the car, out side,? i had a annoying squeaking from my gear stick, over the years the dust/dirt and liquid from the cup holders had fallen through the gear stick gator and surround, i gave it a hoover and dropped a few drops of bicycle oil on the ball joint at the bottom, seems to have done the job for now. try and be as descriptive as you can when posting, it will help others to help you quicker. you can check this by sitting in the car with engine off. move through the gears see if the squeaking is coming from the gear stick. let me know it is and i will put together a "how to clean post" its really easy to do. if its not coming from there, repost with a bit more information, im sure one of the members will be able to help you. hope this helps Darren
  7. Focus 1.8Td

    mines a 2001 1.8 petrol, service guide says 10 yrs or 100,000 some people have said 90 k its on 84 and its booked in next friday at ford - 220 quid for the full kit, tensioner etc as far as i know it would be the same for the diesel 10 yrs or 100k but i stress these are guidelines, from doing reserch about getting mine done its the tensioners that tend to fail first. Theres plenty of people here that will give you good, sound advice, just give them a little time to answer.
  8. New Key Needed

    from what ive read i think its 4 keys think ill go the timpsons route gonna get the old key cloned so ill have 2 get a 3rd key blank of ebay get that cut and swap the chip over from the old one. im not that interested in having more than 2 long as i have a spare. then ill reprogram them to work with the central locking. (i hope) so ill be asking for the method for the re-program soon.
  9. Getting Ready For Winter

    SNOWWWWWWWWW. Bring it on. we wont get any where i am just frost, but a man can dream. i use a scraper personally and have heated mirrors, front and back screens and washer jets i start the car whack everything on then scrape of the sides by the time ive finished that flick on the wipers and im off. think i was using halfrauds all weather screen wash as i had a vouchers but normally i use stuff from morisons garage, also halfords spray de-icer that came with lock deicer free it did the trick the few times i used it.
  10. Boot Release Switch

    i had problems with mine. stripped it down theres a little white rubber bit that pushes the micro-switch. this had slipped down, so the button prong was just missing it( unless tapped hard with 2 fingers 10 times) repositioned the the rubber button clicked it back together, been fine since. there was 1 at the scrapies the other day, but only just read this post. click the link to buy 1 off ebay, that's the cheapest 1 on there http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-Focus-MK1-Boot-Release-Switch-Button-98-04-ST170-/140452562431?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item20b3a005ff
  11. Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Help

    how much does it over rev? mine does this sometimes foot on the clutch to change gear ant the revs rise about 250 - 300 its not alot, any thoughts,? still waiting for my Haynes to come. grrrr
  12. Scrap Yards Rule

    yeah. i really enjoyed it, it had been about 15 yrs since id been to to one, armed with a cpl of screwdrivers and a pair of wire snips, brought back memories of Saturday morning outings with my friends looking for mark 1/2 escorts and mini parts. im gonna go again when i get the chance, need some Mondeo/focus vanity mirror lights,( my next interior mod)and i fancy a auto dimming rear view mirror.
  13. New Key Needed

    i have tried one locksmith that put my key into a little machine and said that as it was chipped he couldnt do it, going to try around this week and will check if i have a timpsons around, but i live in devon and theres not much around these parts. mite have to try exeter of plymouth, give me something to research later, its going to ford next friday for the cambelt if all else fails i can just ask them to get me 1 new key. so i can then programme another 1 myself the only key i have is looking a bit worn, if i leave it to late it might end up costing me loads. i read on a few threads that the chip cam be removed and inserted into a new key, but with only 1 key do i really want to be messing about with it, thanks for all the help, im really glad i joined this forum
  14. Fitting Subframe Bushes

    Thought you mite like to read this thread, http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=612
  15. Question

    Those yanks will fish anywhere ;)