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  1. Ford Focus Doing My Head In - Please Help!?!?!

    how do i go about checking the linkage cable out?
  2. Ford Focus Doing My Head In - Please Help!?!?!

    when the car is off the gears change fine no problem.. i really hope its not the clutch how can i go about checking the selector linkage
  3. Good evening all ive got a ford focus 1.8 TDci 52plate Ghia covered 101k when i change gears its quite hard, as in if i put it in 1st its quite hard and sometimes it doesnt go into 1st and il have to double press the clutch to get it into gear, same goes with 2nd and 3rd what do you guys the problem could be? im just hoping its something minor..
  4. Help Needed Asap For Fiesta

    Hi! guys i have a fiesta 06 plate 1.4 diesel i went to start the car up today and it wouldn't start and had a message come up saying "high engine temp" scared the hell out of me but the engine was cold as it hadn't been driven since yesterday can someone please me advice what this can be??
  5. Ford Fiesta Help Needed Asap :'(

    Hi! guys how are you all i bought a ford fiesta 06 plate 1.4 diesel its covered 130miles anyways im having a huge problem with it when turning right all the lights on the dash come on... feels like its about to stall but doesnt as soon i finish turning right the lights go off what could this problem be??
  6. Hi! Guys ive got a ford escort 1998 S Reg 1.6 Ghia car drives fine very smooth etc.. but when i start the car up it rev's it self up to 3000 revs and the back down to 1000 and it looks like its about to cut out but it doesnt cut out when i drive the car its fine doesnt rev it self but when i change gears you get the feeling the engine is rev'ing it self.. also there is a rattle from under the engine ive not been able to look to see what is rattling but could this be a link to the engine rev'ing it self?? when i rev the car in park the engine is fine and there is no rattle can someone please advice me on how to repair the rev'ing problem??
  7. Help Needed Asap Ford Escort

    hi! guys im new to the forum ive just bought a ford escort R reg 1.4 CL Estate the problem i am having with it is; the temperature gauge shots up every time i start the car, rather than moving up slowly to the middle and stay there it doesn't can someone please advice me what i can do to fix this problem? the car doesnt over heat, drives fine etc.. just the temperature gauge has me a bit worried
  8. Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Help

    Hi! Thank you for your reply i just cleaned the icv and checked the vac pipe which is also fine and the problem is still there.. any other ideas?
  9. Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Help

    Hi!! All im new to the forum i have a 2000 W reg Ford Focus 1.8Zetech i am having the following problem with it every time i change gear the engine rev's itself this doesnt happen when i am idleing when the engine rev's i take it out of gear and take my foot of the clucth and it stops to rev's and goes back to normal i have disconnected the battery and waited 30mins before connecting it after connecting the battery again i drove at different speeds for like 20mins e.g reving it to the red in 1st 2nd gear followed by slow driving but didnt fix the problem i am just hoping its not a big problem the focus is chipped please help :(