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  1. Juddering When Driving..

    Hi again, I've had the car looked at by the garage... They said the coil pack is knackered, so they've changed it & shes running like a dream again. Hopefully this can help anyone else whos experiencing this problem. Thans
  2. Juddering When Driving..

  3. Juddering When Driving..

    Drove the car to work this morning & the engine management light has come on. Seems to be getting worse... HELP! Please...
  4. Juddering When Driving..

    Good evening all, I've had a problem with my car the last few days & it seems to be getting progressivly worse. When I start the engine, put it into first gear & start driving, the car starts juddering as if I'm not putting enough pressue on the accelerator. I get to 15mph & proceed to change to 2nd gear, it judders more until I get to 30, change to 3rd, it judders again & contunues to do this up through the gears... It does the same in 4th & 5th, even at speeds of 60-70-80mph... This problem only happened in 2nd gear first of all but now seems to have found its way into all the gears.. Engine is in perfect condition (as far as I know), I've never had any real problems with the car before. She runs like a dream usually. The feeling is the exact same feeling as if the cars about the stall.. Like that chugging kinda feeling. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your time.
  5. Fiesta Mk4 Stereo Wires

    I've had an answer from another forum... Buy one of these... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330464010331 Saves all problems. I've just ordered mine!
  6. Fiesta Mk4 Stereo Wires

    I have a similar problem to you I think! Check my post - http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15429
  7. Hi Guys/Gals, I recently decided to buy a new CD player/Bluetooth player for my car. Not really an expensive one but does everything I need it. Im having a complete nightmare trying to install it. I've unplugged the standard player that comes with the car, and I'm left with the following... I've got completely different colour cables to try and match up with the Wharfedale system.. Can anyone tell me what wire does what using the picture I've posted above... I cant seem to find anything on the internet. The diagram on the back of the Wharfedale system is this... Not sure if that'll help whoever replies Thanks so much!