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  1. Front Seats in 04 Focus Flight

    Thanks for that - I'll check out some of the locals.
  2. Good afternoon all, I have owned a Ford Focus Flight (Jan 04) for some months now and am delighted with it. The only complaint I have is the front seats are incredibly uncomfortable, after more than half an hour. The problem appears to be that they are too hard. Both my wife and I have the same complaint. Is it possible to replace the seats from this car with another (comfier) set of seats and if so what focus would you recommend? The seats have airbags in them - would this be a problem. Other thoughts are to replace them with seats from a mondeo (although this has power for moving backwards and forwards). Would it be possible to replace the focus seats with mondeo seats? Many thanks for all replies. Weazil
  3. Focus Paint Problem

    Good afternoon all, I recently purchased a 2004 Ford Focus Flight and have since discovered that there are two slight areas of rust starting inside the base of the rear doors. :( Does anyone know if you can claim against Ford for this? Many thanks.
  4. How to Test A Focus Alarm

    Thanks - I tried that and no alarm. Looks like it will need to go back to the dealers. :(
  5. Good evening everyone - I bought a 2004 Focus Flight recently and am very pleased with it (so far). Can anyone tell me how to check that the alarm and immobiliser are working please. I have tried pressing the remote door lock twice, leaving the car for about five minutes then opening the bonnet (nothing), the same applied to the hatchback (using the key in the boot lock). I don't think that this model has sensors inside the car The Dealer has asked me to bring the car in and they would check it. I would like to know if there is any way that I can check it. Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks :D