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  1. YOG

    Lost keyfob

    Probably was a good deal, back in March 2017. 😉
  2. I assume you have the Ford Adaptive Front Lighting System? If you have, you should find that it "adjusts the beams of the new Bi-Xenon HID headlamps to best suit the layout of the road before it. The system assesses the ambient light around the car, as well as object in the road ahead, and then adjusts the headlight beam angle and intensity to the most appropriate of its seven settings depending on the vehicle's speed, steering angle, and distance to the blocking object." https://www.tch.co.uk/about/why-choose-ford/adaptive-headlights/
  3. Hi I've fitted a new battery and carried out the procedure successfully - Ignition on for 10 secs, pressed rear fog light switch 5 times, pressed hazard switch 3 times, waited 10 seconds and got the battery light flashes, ignition off. Is it OK just to do that, or is there a reason why it would be better to use Forscan/Elm? Thanks.
  4. Ones a W5W 501 bulb (wedge fitting), the other is a P21W 382 (press and twist fitting).
  5. You've got the original 2012, so it's 7, going on 8 years old. It's 99% certain it's u/s. With your low mileage, you need to give it a regular top-up charge, so you're going to need a decent battery charger, anyway. Get the charger, and, as andypsp suggested, see if it will hold a charge. If not, buy a new battery, and make sure it's the correct one for your car. Use the charger every few weeks, to maintain the charge level. Car batteries do not respond well to having a constant low charge level, as they are meant to be fully/as near to fully charged, at all times, particularly if a car is Stop/Start.
  6. Personally, if I had that much money to spend, I would save some money, and fit a Quaife ATB helical LSD differential, to fully use the existing performance. https://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk3-focus-st-fit-at-hq/products/mk3-focus-st-quaife-atb-differential-fully-fitted-at-mountune-hq
  7. If you take your Ford to be serviced at a participating Ford Dealer you will receive UK and European Roadside Assistance valid from the date of service for 12 months, or until the next service is due, whichever comes first. https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/service-and-maintenance/service-promotions/assistance
  8. https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/yuasa/ybx9115/
  9. If you are sure "the battery is knackered", fit a new one first, and see what happens.
  10. It's a question of what level of cover you require, Ford Service Assistance also covers break down in Europe – “If you break down in Europe and we’re unable to fix your vehicle, we can arrange for it to be sent to one UK address (for example: home, work, or a Ford dealer).” If you don't take your car to Europe, you obviously don't need European cover. I do day trips to France 2-3 times a year, so worthwhile for me.
  11. If your car is a 2009 Ford Focus Titanium 1.6Ti (as you don't say, one of these will be OK: https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/varta/d21/ £72.95, delivered. 5 year guarantee. https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/varta/d59/ £68.95, delivered. 4 years guarantee.
  12. YOG

    Phone Holder

    I've used the standard adhesive attached "Magic Mount" by Scosche for some years, with the magnetic disc fitted between the rear of the phone and the protective case. The vent mount version isn't very good, as it wouldn't stay in position when I tried it. https://www.scosche.com/consumer-tech/mounts?utm_source=NewHomePage&utm_campaign=category_boxes
  13. I would be inclined to think your dashcam is gradually draining the battery, as you say you have a "dashcam (Blackview DR900S -2ch) and that is on continuous using the Conecta OBD Power Cable". My thoughts are this is draining a lot from the battery over time, and your normal driving routine is not replacing it. You might find this interesting: The first thing I would do, is disconnect this dash camera for 2 weeks. Then, fully charge the car battery, using a decent battery charger (not just take the car for a drive), and see how the stop/start performs during these 2 weeks. Blackview DR900S -2ch Input Power DC 12 V - 24 V (DC Plug: (Ø3.5 x Ø1.35), MAX 1 A/12 V) Power Consumption Avg. 380 mA (4.56 W at 12 V, when GPS is On and Wi-Fi is Off) Avg. 360 mA (4.32 W at 12 V, when GPS and Wi-Fi are Off) * Actual power consumption may vary depending on use conditions and environment.
  14. WD40 website FAQs: https://www.wd40.com/faqs Q. What does WD40 multi-use product contain? A. While the ingredients in WD-40® Multi-Use Product are secret, we can tell you what it does NOT contain. WD-40® Multi-Use Product does not contain silicone, kerosene, water, graphite, or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).